Loch Barnluasgan.

Start. Beaver Trail Car Park.

Route. Round Loch Barnluasgan.

Notes . Welcome to the great forest of Knapdale, a wonderful mix of birch and Atlantic oak woods, but we weren't here to admire the woodland as beautiful as it is, no, we were driving from Tayvallich to Crinan, needing to kill a couple of hours, the sun was dipping under the horizon, whilst passing the memorial at Barnluasgan Sue noticed a commotion in a car park. Country types, dressed in camouflage gear and Hunter wellington's, a shooting party, no, for there was not a gun in sight, plenty of cameras with big lenses and binoculars. We pulled into the car park as they set off down the trail, to my surprise an information board announced the Beavers were back, we'd just found the Knapdale Beaver Trail, the sun was setting but it would be rude not to go and have a nose.

This was a short walk round a loch, apart from the camouflaged party which we couldn't see because they were camolflaged lots of other walkers were hoping for a glimpse of the Beavers. Children are noisy creatures at the best of times, without getting excited at the prospect of Beaver spotting. Even I knew with that amount of noise any self respecting Beaver would stay in it's house, which is a halt made from all the trees they cut down. Needless to say we saw no Beavers but with the sun setting it was a short fine walk to end the day., and I thought worth mentioning.

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Reflections Loch Barnluasgan.

The Knapdale Forest across Loch Barnluasgan.

Most of the leaves may have fallen but the colours are still wonderful at this time of year.

Over 1,500 species of lichen thrive in the clean, clear air on the west coast of Scotland, the name of this fine example, haven't got a clue.

Looking to the Beavers halt, a short distance away from the main path on a small spit of land.

The head of Loch Barnluasgan.

Wonderful light over Fore Druim and the Knapdale Forest.


Beavers handy work....

....wandering along the west shore there was plenty of signs of Beaver activity, strange because on the opposite shore, the side the halt was there was none.

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