Falls of Bruar.

Start. House of Bruar.

Route. House of Bruar - Baluain Wood - Falls of Bruar (lower) - Falls of Bruar (upper) - Falls of Bruar (lower) - Baluain Wood - House of Bruar.

Notes. A picturesque but sometimes strenuous walk with good views over a spectacular river gorge from two stone viewing bridges. This has been a local beauty spot for over two hundred years, the woodland along the gorge banks was planted by the 4th Duke of Atholl, whom also built the viewing bridges and laid paths above the gorge, the same paths we use today.

We'd just spent some time and some money in The House of Bruar “Harrods of the North”, as the river, the Bruar Water runs through their back yard it seemed rude not to go have a look. Way marked paths guided us under the railway line then up to the first set of falls, for arguments sake lets call these the lower falls, a small folly and viewing bridge gifted us with views up and down the spectacular gorge. We continued up hill, steep at times, but soon reached a second viewing bridge, this we shall call the upper falls, slendid views and a path closed sign, a warning about forestry work. Our route down the opposite bank was closed, so it was just a case of re-tracing our steps.

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Before we start the pictures don't do the place justice, you must come see for yourself. The lower viewing bridge,

The lower falls seen from the bridge.

Sue's found a viewing platform, a folly, the remaining one of several scattered along the banks of this burn.

The single arch of the lower bridge.

From high up the gorge views over Glen Garry.

The upper viewing bridge spans the gorge above a spectacular waterfall.

Sue soaks up the splendor of the gorge up stream, this bridge marked the end of the line, the path down the other bank was closed, disappointed no.

View taken from the upper bridge.

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