Zennor Head, Carnelloe Cliff and Treen.

Start. Zennor

Route. Zennor - Carn Cobba - Zennor Head - Treway Cliff - Carnelloe Cliff - Boswednack Cliff - Treen - Poniou - Zennor.

Notes. Zennor lies on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall above high rocky cliffs and ragged boulder strewn granite moors, a small hamlet tucked away in a remote brooding landscape that has been inhabited for over 4.000 years. The mainstay industries of the past have long gone, fishing, mining and farming, although a few farms remain Zennor's wealth is now based on tourism, there's not a lot there but the place is always busy.

This walk started in the folds of this remote landscape in the village itself, from the car park we wandered to the church, opposite a track lead to the coast, our guide into the promised land. Once passed Carn Cobba a house to die for we reached a path junction, we ignored this saving it for later. The next junction was on our right this we followed, the path guided us over Zennor Head before descending above Porthzennon Cove to join the South West Coastal Path. This long distance footpath guided us round Zennor Head to access the path junction we ignored earlier, this time we followed it descending into a deep gully before ascending then traversing Treway Cliff.

On we walked across Carnelloe Cliff above Veor Cove and Porthglaze Cove before passing above Boswednack Cliff, we then descended to Lean Point before swinging inland. Under foot a concrete drive ascended gently to a mustard coloured inn at Treen, a tiny scattering of houses and a farm, it was lunch time so into the bar we wandered.

Lunch over our route then crossed cow pastures following ancient paths, probably used by the tin miners to get to and from their place of work, these green ways guided us north onto a narrow tarmac road, on reaching Poniou we stepped back into green pastures for the final stretch to Zennor.

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Rocky headlands and hidden coves, the west coast of Cornwall.

Looking north to Mussel Point from above Porthzennon Cove.

Reaching out into the wild Atlantic Gurnard's Head, beyond that on the far horizon Pendeen Watch.

One of the few views I took today looking inland, from Zennor Head, Tendrine Hill.

Rock architecture above Boswednack Cliff.

Heading towards Lean Point looking back to Boswednack Cliff.

A glimpse of Treen Cove.

Stunning conditions on the South West Coastal Path, Boswednack Cliff over Treen Cove.

The sad remains of Gurnard's Head Mine.

Viewing the rocky finger of Gurnard's Head.

The Gurnard's Head Inn, what's wrong with white.

Descending back into the folds of the landscape, approaching Zennor.

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