Under Helm.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Burton Road - Barrows Green - Helm End - Stang - Underhelm Lane - Underhelm Farm - Helmside Farm - Old Hutton Road - Oxenholme.

Notes. “Are we going for a short walk then” the words of my better half after I'd settled down in the easy chair for the afternoon, I quickly formulated a plan while she went to get ready. Nothing fancy just a short ramble under Helm, after all the crowds will be on the hill itself, they always are, we will be in the valley social distancing.

We left Oxenholme via Burton Road, a short walk south deposited us at Barrows Green, we turned left entering a narrow lane. Next to Barrows Green Farm a field gate allows access to pastures, we passed through said gate, the undulating walk that followed gifted us with some splendid views, after a couple of stiles we stepped onto a tarmac lane at Stang.

Next to our exit point a finger-post announced the start of a bridleway, we followed said bridleway away from the hamlet, field paths guided us along the side of ancient hedgerows, over another hill before we accessed Underhelm Lane. A short discussion followed, a debate over which way next, we opted for a quiet tarmac walk north.

The lane was a delight to wander along, splendid views to the east for most of the way, passed a couple of farms we strolled, through Underhelm Wood before being ejected onto Old Hutton Road, we turned towards home and headed back.

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From pastures above Barrows Green views over the valley of St Sunday's Beck, across the horizon Middleton Fell.

Through a gap in the trees, Scout Scar across the Kent valley.

Near Helm End viewing Firbank Fell with the Howgill Fells just popping their heads up over the horizon.

The Helm seen from sheep pastures above Stang.

An angry sky on the approach to Underhelm Lane.

The scene over the valley of St Sunday's Beck, dark across the horizon Firbank Fell.

Seen from the drive leading to Helm End, Farleton Fell.

A splash of colour in Underhelm Lane.

Looking to Scout Hill over the stunning country side back of Helm.

Viewing Beehive from Underhelm Lane.

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