The Wharfe and Trollers Gill.

Start. Burnsall.

Route. Burnsall - Woodhouse Farm - Stangs Lane - Dub Laithe - Skyreholme - Trollers Gill - New Road - Kail Lane - Woodhouse Farm - Burnsall.

Notes. Another visit to Wharfedale, another ramble along the banks of the delightful River Wharfe, the highlight of the day Trollers Gill followed by a airy wander across Whithill. My day started in Burnsall where I crossed the river on the rather splendid Burnsall Bridge to access the banks of the Wharfe, straight forward from here. I followed the river bank on the Dales Way until the next ribbon of tarmac forces me to turn left, before I entered fields on my right, on a well walked path I passed through Dub Laithe to reach the road to Skyreholme, this was a rather boring stretch of the walk but I was safe in the knowledge that at the end of the lane was the entrance to Trollers Gill.

Trollers Gill is a spectacular limestone gorge cut out by glacial melt water at the end of the last ice age, haunted by a spectral hound with eyes like saucers, I intended to have lunch in the shelter of the chasm, that was until I heard a bloody dog barking, with no sign of one, I hurried through the gorge to have lunch on the moor in the wind and rain. From the exit of the gorge it was a short walk to New Road where I gained access to Kail Lane one of Yorkshires many green lanes, it turned out to be quite a long descent, over open moor at first, then pastures before descending between dry stone walls. I eventually reached the valley at Woodhouse Farm where I was able to retrace my steps along the Dales Way.

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Burnsall Bridge across the River Wharfe.

Thorpe Fell lit by morning sunshine seen across Wharfedale.

The scene over Wharfedale with Barden Fell rising to the east.

Looking to Simon's Seat the highest point on Barden Fell.

Looking down the River Wharfe with Barden Moor stretching across the horizon.

The River Wharfe.

Black Clouds over Black Hill upper Wharfedale.

Wharfedale stretching to the south.

The valley narrows around me I'm about to enter Trollers Gill.

Just visible the narrow entrance to Trollers Gill.

One last look back before I enter the gorge, was that a dog I heard barking?

A spectacular gorge, dry today but in times of heavy rain it has been known to fill with water, I came this way many years ago and the route up the gorge was completely impassible.

I've just escaped the confines of the gill, I can still here a dog barking, it's time for lunch.

Walking along Kail Lane with views to Simon's Seat.

Yorkshires broad acres at their best.

Seen from near Kail Gate, Thorpe Fell last seen at the beginning of the day.

A wonderful view down Wharfedale.

Between the dry stone walls of Kail Lane views to the north over the narrow side valley cut by Barden Beck.

Looking to Hartlington Hall.

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