The Troutbeck Valley Round.

Start. Troutbeck.

Route. Troutbeck (Post Office) - Green Gate - Garburn Road (track) - Garburn Nook - Yoke - Ill Bell - Froswick - Thornthwaite Crag - Threshthwaite Mouth - Stony Cove Pike - John Bell's Banner - St Raven's Edge - Kirkstone Pass - Baystones - Wansfell Pike - Hundreds Road (track) - Robin Lane (track) - Troutbeck.

Notes. This was a big one, I was walking for over eight hours every step of the way a delight, each step presented outstanding views of hills yet to conquer or hills already conquered. In my humble opinion that's the charm a horseshoe walk, the route is always laid out before you, but this horseshoe has something no other can boast, two thirds of the way round the Kirkstone Pass Inn stands, daring you to enter it's slate paved bar, who could resist, not me.

This long day started at Troutbeck Post Office, opposite Green Gate descends to the valley floor. I descended to gain access to the Garburn Road (track), this old stoney bridleway was once the main road linking Troutbeck and Kentmere, for me it marked the start of a long easy ascent. The marshy ground guarding the slopes of Yoke is easily crossed now-a-days by a newly constructed path, love it or hate it it's there and makes the summit of Yoke easy to reach. The long switch back ridge that followed made for wonderful fell walking, the ups and downs came and went, Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, then Thornthwaite Beacon before the path plunged over the edge of Thornthwaite Crag, leaving me standing on Threshthwaite Mouth looking to the steep ascent of Stony Cove Pike.

With an old dry stone wall for company I ascended, the wall was to be my companion to the summit of St Raven's Edge where I descended to the Kirkstone Pass Inn, the magnetic attraction of the bar was too much, after a couple of visits I made my way down the road, dodging the busy traffic I soon reached a stile allowing access to Woundale Raise. This boggy stretch of upland needed to be crossed before I was able to make the ascent of Baystones. A long climb on tired legs followed, guided by yet another dry stone wall, the third stile saw me reach the summit. One more hill to climb, an undulating ridge lead to Wansfell Pike, the steep ups and downs took their toll, the rocky summit was a most welcome sight, down hill all the way from here.

I started my descent heading east on the main trod, after crossing the intake wall I swung south, stepping stones lead across a boggy field. With Windermere Lake growing larger with every step I descend through another field before entering Hundreds Lane (track). A short walk followed between wire fencing and dry stone walls before a gate allowed access to Robin Lane (track). With the end almost in sight the lane swung north before plunging down hill to Troutbeck.

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Clinging to the slopes of Wansfell Pike Troutbeck village, seen from the Garburn Road.

On a cool but sunny morning looking to Red Screes over Dod Hill, sandwiched between the two Broad End.

A wonderful view to hills yet to be climbed, Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag this walk ascends them all.

Amazing views from near the summit of the Garburn Pass, The Tongue backed by Hart Crag with the long ridge of Stony Cove Pike across the skyline.

Striding along on a newly constructed path with stunning views to Red Screes.

A lone walker descends Yoke, the next hill to climb the cairned summit of Ill Bell.

On the wide grassy ridge between Ill Bell and Yoke with views to Kentmere Pike.

The summit Ill Bell with views back to Yoke.

Ill Bell as seen from Froswick.

Harter Fell seen across the head of Kentmere.

Seen from Froswick the unrelenting climb to Thornthwaite Beacon, to the left let the cliffs of Threshthwaite Crag carry the eye to Stony Cove Pike.

On the steep descent of Thornthwaite Crag, a quick stop to capture the delights of Threshthwaite Glen.

Toiling up the path to Stony Cove Pike, with views to the Ill Bell ridge.

The view from Stony Cove Pike, Kidsty Pike over High Street and the Gray Crag ridge.

On John Bell's Banner looking to Red Screes from the Atkinson Monument.

Standing at the summit of Broad End with views across the vast tract of upland I've just crossed, to the left John Bell's Banner, the right Stony Cove Pike.

Red Screes seen from the descent over St Raven's Edge.

That's better well fed and watered, heading along the road to start the ascent of Baystones.

On the slopes of Baystones looking back down my ascent route, viewing Red Screes and Broad End.

Hills walked hours ago, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag seen from the summit of Baystones.

With the slopes of Wansfell Pike to the left views to the Coniston massif.

On the summit of Wansfell Pike viewing all before me, a stunning view down Windermere Lake....

....and a long lingering look back to Kirkstone Pass.

Between the dry stone walls in Hundreds Lane taking a quick look over Windermere to Wetherlam and Coniston Old Man.

I'm now in Robin Lane looking down Windermere Lake, the high ground, top left is Gummer's How, well worth a visit if you only have an hour to spare.

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