The Helm.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme (Helm Side Road) - B6254 - Station Inn - The Helm - Castlesteads Fort - Burton Road - Oxenholme.

Notes. For anyone who thought the village of Oxenholme was just a terminus to the delights of the Lake District, think again. Rising behind the village a whale back ridge, grass and bracken slopes climbing to just over 600ft, proof if proof were needed you don’t have to climb very high to get a fantastic view. Ascend to the summit an Iron Age fort, Castlesteads, you’ll be gifted with 360° views you won’t forget in a hurry. I live in Oxenholme so this is my local patch, and as many of us walkers will admit, you tend to neglect your local patch.

There’s loads of road side parking in and around Oxenholme, for the purpose of this exercise we walked from home. North through the village we wandered, at the railway station we turned up hill, the short climb through trees deposited us at the Station Inn, here we joined one of a myriad of paths criss-crossing The Helm.

The shadows were long the sun low over Morecambe Bay, a full moon hung over the Howgill Fells, the Scots call this the gloaming, a fantastic word describing the transition between night and day. We wandered south towards the orange ball above Morecambe Bay, a mile of ridge walking deposited us at the Iron Age fort that marks the summit. It made me wonder, how many sunsets like this had these ancient hill dwellers witnessed, we sat around watching the sun dip under the horizon. Once gone, the light fading fast we descended one of the many paths, this a green trod ejected us onto the busy Burton Road within sight of Oxenholme and home.

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A full moon hangs over the Howgill Fells.

Dominating the view, my hometown Kendal.

Views over Hayclose to the twin tops of Benson Knott.

Heading along The Helm's whale back ridge looking over Kendal to Scout Scar and an horizon of Lakeland favourites.

Farleton Fell seen over the valley of Saint Sunday's Beck.

Across the horizon the Middleton Fells.

The Helm basks in the golden glow of early evening.

Magical views over Kendal and the Kent Valley, across the horizon the Kentmere massif.

The summit. marked by a trig point and Iron Age Fort.

The Howgill Fells seen from the summit of The Helm.

Sunset over Morecambe Bay.

Evening light paints the landscape, the view Arnside Knott and Upper Morecambe Bay.

Looking west to Sizergh Fell and Helsington Barrows, across the skyline the long grey ridge of Whitbarrow.

Amazing views to the mouth of the Kent Valley, as the sun gifts us with a final dazzling display before dipping under the horizon.

The gloaming, a magical time as day drifts into night.

Nestled in a hollow in the Kent Valley Natland.

The summit proving you don't have to climb very high to get fantastic views.

Before descending into the trees and the diffused light of early evening a final look towards Morecambe Bay.

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