Tarn Hows from Coniston.

Start. Coniston.

Route. Coniston - Shepherds Bridge - High Guards - Guards Wood - Boon Crag Farm - Hill Fell Plantation - Hill Fell - Tarn Hows - Tarn Hows Cottage - Tarn Hows Wood - Low Yewdale - Back Guards Plantation - Shepherds Bridge - Coniston.

Notes. I once heard Cameron McNeish describe us walkers as the great unwashed, in my case for the past two weeks that's been true, I've had the builders in, running water's been spasmodic at the best, the're finishing today so like a coward I've buggered off walking leaving Sue to pay the bill. The weather forecast was miserable, I waited until the rain stopped then drove to Coniston, I would have a wander through Monk Coniston Estate, once owned by the monks of Furness Abbey now in the safe hands of the National Trust.

On a miserable grey day I set out from Coniston, the landforms of Lakeland softened by swirling cloud, my route crossed Shepherds Bridge passing the Dog House before ascending through the dripping woodland of High Guards. I was soon descending through Guards Wood, on exiting the wood the path lead across fields to Boon Crag Farm where I followed the main road to Hill Fell Plantation. I entered, ascending on a way marked path, it wasn't long before a rather misty but delightful Tarn Hows came into view. I wandered round the tarn before starting my return journey, by footpath and bridleway passing Tarn Hows Cottage before descending through yet more woodland, I soon found myself wandering through Yewdale with the Cumbria Way under foot. After passing through Back Guards Plantation I re-traced my steps passing the Dog House and Shepherds Bridge to reach Coniston.

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Hazel Catkins.

The Dog House, proof of Victorian eccentricity, when the owners of the Monk Coniston Estate were told it was their responsibility to provide the Coniston Fox Hounds with a home, not having a gothic ruin on their land they built one, yes it's a kennel.

On a grey Lakeland day the Yewdale Fells guard the mouth of the Coppermines Valley.

Towering pines in High Guards Wood.

Descending through Guards Wood.

Monk Coniston Moor rises above Coniston Water, seen from near Boon Crag Farm.

The stream has no name but makes the ascent through Hill Fell Plantation much more pleasant.

Small unnamed dam passed en route.

My first glimpse of Tarn Hows, ice on the water and mist on the hills.

The icy surface of Tarn Hows.

The view south across the tarn.

Looking north to Iron Keld Plantation.

The view south to Howgraves, the small hill in the distance.

An icy scene from the outflow, the layer of mist gives the shot more atmosphere.

Seen between the Furness Fell and Holme Fell the valley of Tilberthwaite.

A delightful scene even on a grey day, Tarn Hows Cottage looking to Holme Fell.

Looking to Mart Crag from the fields behind Low Yewdale Farm.

Low Yewdale Farm in the shadow of the impressive Yewdale Crag.

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