South from Silverdale return over Heald Brow.

Start. Silverdale (Shore Road).

Route. Silverdale (Shore Road) - Lindeth Road- Wolf House - Lindeth Tower - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Smelt Mill Chimney - Heald Brow - Woodwell Cliff - Silverdale Green - Silverdale.

Notes. We’ve spent the last week staring at the TV, four walls and rain beading down the windows, the family are in isolation so they can’t visit and we can’t visit them, all in all it’s been a pretty rubbish lead up to the New Year. Ditto this morning, several cups of coffee later, things were much the same except we’d thrown some walking gear into a bag and were heading through driving rain our destination Silverdale. This was a delightful short walk, perfect for blowing the cobwebs away and lifting the mood.

Good old Silverdale greeted us with grey skies and surprisingly no rain. After parking next to the Silverdale Hotel a narrow gunnel next to Beach Garage guided us between the bungalows on Shore Green and open fields, after rounding a corner and stepping over a stile it ejected us onto Lindeth Road we turned right. The tarmac surface then guided us passed the entrance to Woodwell and on to the Wolf House, here we joined a narrow lane that passes Gibraltar Farm and Lindeth Tower.

A few hundred yards of road walking followed to reach a kissing gate allowing access to Jack Scout, always a great place to wander. Between limestone scars we walked, through scrub over limestone grassland, above cliffs kissed by the rising waters of the Irish Sea, we visited a couple of hidden coves before wandering on to Jenny Brown’s Point.

Round the point we walked passed the Brown’s Houses, Smelt Mill Chimney and Quicksand Pools to access a path ascending Heald Brow. The ascent was short but steep, through gorse and brambles before leveling out, across the rough pastures of Heald Brow we wandered followed by cow pastures, a dry stone wall accompanied us to a small cops marking the start of a path that in turn guided us to Hollins Lane. Directly across the lane a finger-post invited us to Woodwell.

We obliged, crossed a stile but ignored Woodwell, our route followed the path above Woodwell Cliff, through mature woodland, over limestone pavements followed by grassland and yet more woodland. We eventually stepped onto tarmac at Silverdale Green, the surface of Stankelt Road then guided us back into Silverdale.

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Above limestone cliffs in Jack Scout viewing a distant Morecambe coast line.

Looking down on craggy Cow's Mouth Cove.

Across the rising waters of the Irish Sea the Lancashire coast.

Above the highest sea cliffs in Lancashire looking over Cow's Mouth to the Cartmel peninsula.

Rocky headland after rocky headland, it's a stunning place this Jack Scout especially when the tide's in.

Just letting the coast work it's magic on us.

Nestled in the arms of the cliffs, one of two hidden coves we visited.

The bewitching beauty of Morecambe Bay at high tide.

Approaching the Brown's Houses.

This was a surprise, lucky ramblers are now allowed to walk passed the front of the houses, safer than teetering on slippery shifting boulders on the foreshore.

The smelt mill chimney.

From the smelt mill chimney views to sylvan Warton Crag.

Sun burst over Morecambe Bay.

The delightful path we followed above Woodwell Cliff.

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