South from Crackington Haven return through East Wood.

Start. Crackington Haven.

Route. Crackington Haven - Cambeak - The Strangles - Travigue - East Wood - Crackington Haven.

Notes. We decided to have a short stroll above the cliffs south of Crackington Haven today. A small village located between Bude and Boscastle, it's name derives from a Geological phenomena the Crackington Formation, a fractured shale that has been shaped into incredible twisted and contorted shapes by land movement and heat. It's bay (the haven) is sheltered between the cliffs of Pencannow and the headland of Cambeak to the south. Our return was made through East Wood one of the oldest natural woodlands in the UK.

We left the haven on the coast path passing the lifeguard station and tennis courts before ascending through gorse, bracken and bilberry, we soon stepped into green fields high above crashing waves. Our route south passed above Tremoutha Haven, avoiding the steep climb up Cambeak by following the well used alternative route, then high above Little Strand, a well concealed naturalist beach. We strolled above The Strangles, with stunning views down to the beach of the same name, on this beach there's no bathing, it takes it's name from the treacherous currents and jagged rocks that have wrecked many ships.

The time had come to turn inland, on a green track followed by a short stretch on tarmac we made our way to Travigue, from the farm we descended through fields before entering East Wood. The level walk back through this ancient woodland was a delight, generally un-managed with mosses and lichens clinging to ancient trees, rare ferns thriving amongst a tangle of exposed roots on the woodland floor, trees left to rot where they have fallen, a cool meandering stream tumbled over a multitude of small cascades in no hurry to reach the Atlantic Ocean. This enchanting last mile of the day was short lived, we dawdled but all too soon stepped out of this delightful dell back into the village.

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The ebbing tide at Crackington Haven.

Crackington Haven, everything you need, Hotel and Inn, Cafe, ample cheap parking, and out of shot to the right a surf shop.

Views across the beach clearly show the Crackington Formation.

Seen from Bray's Point Cambeak across Tremoutha Haven.

Crackington Haven seen from near Cambeak with the cliffs of Bray's Point guarding the entrance to the bay.

To the north Pancannow Point.

Looking back to the haven from the alternative route avoiding the ascent of Cambeak, to our left.

Cambeak as seen over Cam Strand.

Wonderful views over Bude Bay, looking to the familiar radar dishes at Coombe, with Bude just visible over the headland to the right.

Passing above Little Strand.

Above The Strangles with wonderful views south down the spectacular rocky coastline.

A change of scenery, descending to East Wood.

Wandering through the cool unspoiled woodland of East Wood....

....we had this delightful stream for company.

Pencannow Point seen through a gap in the trees.

Who could resist a wander across the beach, not me.

Viewing Cambeak from the sandy beach at Crackington Haven, it looks like better weather on the horizon.

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