Simon's Seat and the River Wharfe.

Start. Barden Bridge.

Route. Barden Bridge - The Strid - Cavendish Pavilion - The Valley of Desolation - Barden Fell - Truckle Crags - Simon's Seat - Howgill - River Wharfe - Barden Bridge.

Notes. An unexpectedly delightful walk along the banks of the River Wharfe before leaving the valley on reaching the Cavendish Pavilion. My ascent was made through the Valley of Desolation followed by an airy walk over Barden Fell, the icing on the cake was easily the rocky summit of Simon's Seat with stunning views over Wharfdale. I descended to the south entering Lower Fell Plantation to reach the banks of the Wharfe again, my day finished with a gentle stroll back along the Dales Way.

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North up the River Wharfe, the path is the Dales Way the building Barden Tower one of six hunting lodges built in the 15th century.

My route crossed this fine bridge, it's actually an Aquaduct, an excellent place to ford the river.

The Strid, folk law tells us it's possible the jump the river here, many have tried, a few have drowned, as I have Barden Fell to climb I think I'll give it a miss today.

The River Wharfe has many excellent paths along it's banks, a day could easily be spent wandering along them without even venturing onto higher ground.

Our Celtic forefathers christened the river, Wharfe meaning twisting or winding, here's a shot where the river meanders round several small islands known as Lud Islands.

Looking south to the wooden bridge leading to the Cavendish Pavilion.

Sunlight on the Heather of Carncliff Top.

Looking up the lower slopes of Barden Fell, the track I'm following can just be seen top left.

Views to the hills marking the southern edge of the Dales National Park, Brown Bank Head and Rocking.

Barden Fell is littered with Grit Stone outcrops, here is a view to Hen Stones.

The scene over Barden Fell looking back down Great Agill Bottom ascended earlier.

Looking to Hare Head from near Simon's Seat.

The grit stone summit of Simon's Seat the highest point on Barden Fell.

It's an easy scramble to the Trig Point.

The summit Simon's Seat.

From the rocky summit wonderful views over Wharfedale.

Trollers Gill and Whithill.

Lords Seat another jumble of boulders.

Mouth-watering views to the east.

Dappled light on Whithill with Trollews Gill to the right.

Looking over Wharfedale to the Heather covered slopes of Barden Moor.

Striding out along the Dales Way.

Almost at journeys end, looking to Barden Bridge the car is hidden by the trees to the left.

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