Silver How over Blindtarn Moss.

Start. Grasmere.

Route. Grasmere - Easedale Road - New Bridge - Blindtarn Gill - Brigstone Moss - Silver How - Red Bank Road - Grasmere.

Notes. I had company again today, Kirsten was tempted along with the promise of Grasmere Gingerbread, our destination Silver How, with a slight diversion over Blindtarn Moss to extend the walk slightly, she's full of cold so the ascent of Lang How met with slight disapproval, once on the ridge with Silver How in view she was happy.

Our route from Grasmere followed Easedale Road, at a small cops a finger-post pointed the way to Easedale Tarn, we followed this path passing New Bridge before a yellow arrow on a gate post announced our exit from the main path. Two delightful cottages marked the start of our ascent, steep up the banks of Blindtarn Gill before the gradient eased as we approached Blindtarn Moss. After a five minute break we took a compass bearing, well Kirsten did. Heading south now across the shoulder of Lang How to descend to Brigstone Moss, it seemed a short walk across the moss to reach Silver How, we were soon standing on it's airy summit with wonderful views over the Vale of Grasmere, Windermere and north to Langdale.

Our descent plunged into a scree gully where a pitch path aided our passage, at the bottom we swung north to descend under the cliffs of Silver How's eastern face, with Wyke Plantation to our right, steep slopes of Gorse and Juniper on our left we continued down hill entering a narrow lane before reaching the tarmac surface of Red Bank Road. The short walk into Grasmere saw us head straight for the Gingerbread Shop, would it be open?.

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Silver How looms above Grasmere.

Looking to Tarn Crag across the sunlit pastures of Easedale.

Sunlight and shade across Helm Crag.

Looking to the Gorse and Rowan filled ravine of Blindtarn Gill, across the skyline Great Castle How.

Falling from upper Easedale the waterfalls of Sourmilk Gill.

Seen over Easedale Stone Arthur, to the right the long ridge to Heron Pike.

Ascending Blindtarn Gill looking south to Nab Scar.

Views over Blindtarn Moss.

Under cloud Seat Sandal and Fairfield seen from Brigstone Moss.

From the summit of Silver How one of Lakeland's classic views, Grasmere and Rydal Water laid out before us.

A timeless view from Silver How, Loughrigg Fell rising from Grasmere with Windermere Lake stretching to the south.

The view over Huntingstile taking in Windermere Lake and delightful Loughrigg Tarn.

The heights of Stone Arthur and Heron Pike look down on Grasmere.

Kirsten graces the summit of Silver How.

Rising to the western skyline, Coniston Old Man and it's lieutenants.

Always a wonderful place to walk, the Langdale Pikes.

The lesser heights to the south, Black Crag above Elter Water, Claife Heights rising from the western shore of Windermere, on the far horizon Gummer's How.

This gully marked the start of our descent, it makes a good window to view lower Lakeland summits to the south.

Kirsten gracefully descends Silver How.

Seen over Red Bank Wood, Loughrigg Fell with Huntingstile to the right.

Under cloud Seat Sandal with Helm Crag to the left.

On the lower gentle slopes of Silver How looking to Seat Sandal.

Seat Sandal seen from Red Bank Road, the usual route up Silver How passes Allan Bank just visible behind the tree.

Sunlight dances across the rippled surface of Grasmere.

Yes! the Gingerbread Shop was open.

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