School Knott and Grandsire.

Start. Ings.

Route. Ings - gated lane - Whasdike - Schoolknott Plantation - School Knott - Schoolknott Tarn - Grandsire - Hag End - Yews - gated lane - Ings.

Notes. School Knott may fall into the lower Lakeland Fells category at a mere 760ft, some may say a pimple of a hill, but it’s a pimple with magnificent views for little effort. Today we buried walking from home at the bottom of our ruck sacks, ten minutes up the road is the tiny rural community of Ings, a scattering of farms and converted farm buildings either side of the busy A591, it also boasts a church, filling station, cycle shop, cracking good cafe and equally good pub when the government allows them to re-open.

So until then after the walk it’s home for a sandwich and a bottle of whatever takes our fancy, but first we followed the gated lane opposite the small car park. Uphill we climbed, under the railway line to be greeted by a finger-post, after checking the map we left the lane. The rain of the last couple of days had left field paths wet and muddy, we picked our way through emerging at Whasdike. The path guided us round the farm buildings then on through more wet fields to access Schoolknott Plantation.

If we thought the going through fields was heavy this mixed woodland held itself head and shoulders above them, we picked our way through, detour after detour saw us eventually reach a gate allowing access to the lower slopes of School Knott. Our plan was to wander round to what looked on the map to be the main route up, as we started our traverse the wind and rain that had been threatening since we set out arrived, cold, wet and uncomfortable, at least it was behind us pushing us up the hill.

We could hardly keep our feet on the summit, invisible hands pushing us over, we descended before the next pulse of the wet stuff arrived, the lee of the hill provided some shelter, the waters of Schoolknott Tarn beckoning us down. On reaching the small tarn we swung right (west), wandered over another wet path to access a gate on the left. Said gate allowed access to Grandsire, a good path guided us, as the next pulse of rain that looked ominous from School Knott had yet to arrive we opted to give the summit a miss, find shelter on the lee side of the hill as quickly as possible. Once on the other side under the promised heavy shower we descended to Hag End, as we reached the farm the rain stopped. The farm access drive guided us onto a narrow gated lane, after turning left we joined another muddy path that in turn guided us through a small copse and even more mud to Yews.

From Yews our route traversed more fields, it goes without saying they were muddy, we squelched our way on, as a finger-post tilted into view the heavens opened, not rain but hail, our heads down with the jungle drumming of ice on our hoods we almost stumbled onto a tarmac lane. After checking the map it was decided this lane would guide us back, through rain and stinging hail, with tarmac under foot we descended passed the path our outward route followed, under the railway line back to Ings.

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The Oxenholme/Windermere Railway passed under just after leaving Ings.

Looking to an unnamed hill rising behind High Fairbank, look closely there's somebody on the summit.

Looking to Kentmere Pike with sunlight on Shipman Knotts.

Low cloud over the hills of Lakeland.

Viewing Banner Rigg from field paths approaching Whasdike.

Same field this time looking to Orrest Head and Banner Rigg.

Birch tree, one of many in School Knott Plantation.

On the ascent of School Knott viewing Banner Rigg under leadened skies.

Rain washes Windermere Lake.

Rainbow over Orrest Head.

Grey and somber Red Screes under heavy rain.

Grandsire as seen from School Knott.

Looking to Reston Scar with the wide grassy ridge leading from Brunt Knott across the skyline.

Even on a cloudy day this view from the summit of School Knott over Windermere and Windermere Lake is stunning.

Schoolknott Tarn backed by Grandsire.

Here comes good old Lakeland weather again.

Schoolknott Tarn.

Ascending the shoulder of Grandsire looking to Sylvan Claife Heights with the Furness Fells under cloud across the horizon.

School Knott as seen from the slopes of Grandsire.

Descending to Hag End viewing a distant Howgill Fells.

Looking to a overcast, somber Langdale.

The rolling pastoral landscape of South Lakeland.

Views from field paths below Yews, Red Screes with sunlight on Sour Howes and Sallows.

Wishing she was somewhere else, preferably warm and dry.

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