Sanna Beaches and Point from Portuairk.

Start. Portuairk.

Route. Portuairk - Sanna Beaches - Allt Sanna - Sanna Head - Sanna - Sanna Beagh House - Sanna Beaches - Portuairk.

Notes. Sanna Bay lies at the most westerly point of mainland Britain, sandwiched between the Point of Ardnamurchan and Sanna Point, the bay is dominated by beautiful shell sand beaches trapped between rocky outcrops, kissed by the turquoise sea, it's a stunning place. Beauty comes at a price, this slice of paradise is a two hour drive from Fort William through some stunning scenery on mainly single track roads, it's been on our to visit list for years so we've braved the journey and here we are.

For the purpose of this walk we parked on the visitors car park at Portuairk, there is a car park at Sanna if you wish to shorten the route. From the car park we descended the narrow road that winds down to Portuairk, the beach that borders the small bay was just a curtain raiser for what was to come. From the coast we turned right wandering passed a few whitewashed cottages to be met by a sign promising passage to Sanna, this path crossed a beautiful sandy inlet where a stream enters the sea, we crossed then ascended a low hill before descending to another sandy inlet. We then ascended another hill, steeper and wetter under foot, on reaching a low coll we were gifted with stunning views over Sanna beaches backed by the Small Isles, Muck, Eigg and mountainous Rum.

We descended to the beaches, the tide was rising adding to the beauty, it was a stunning place, we lingered, took our time, enjoyed an idyllic stroll across the white sand. After what seemed ages we reached the north end of the beaches, ascended the dunes then made for a lone white croft house next to which a rickety bridge crossed the burn. We crossed before walking around the back of the croft, faint paths then guided us through some boggy ground interspersed by rock outcrops, we kept to the high dryer ground the best we could, all the time aiming for the first of the cairns on Sanna Point. The first cairn gifted us with stunning views south to Ardnamurchan Point adorned by a slender lighthouse and, north to the Small Isles. We wandered east linking up a number of cairns on this low airy ridge, once at the final pile of stones we descended passed a small sheep fold making a beeline for the lone croft and rickety bridge.

After braving the rickety bridge once more we wandered straight on, the dunes to our right, the houses of Sanna our left. The village car park marked the point we swung right picking up a stoney track leading to Sanna Bheag House, a strange looking building with a flat roof. After passing the house we descended to a gate and stile, crossed said stile passed through the gate, then descended to the beach to pay homage for a final time before re-tracing our steps back to Portuairk.

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Stepping out of the car into stunning vistas, Portuairk with the mountains of Rum rising from the horizon.

Seen beyond Sanna Bay, mountainous Rum with Eigg to the right.

Portuairk always in the shadow of Sgurr nam Meann.

Wonderful beaches, spectacular headlands and wilderness with Rum just surveying the scene.

Sanna Beaches with views to Portuairk, one of Scotland's delightful secret corners.

Wandering along the tide line of the whispering sea.

Magnificent beaches and not another person to be seen, heaven.

Making slow progress, looking back to Sgurr nam Meann and the slightly higher Beinn Bhuidhe.

Looking inland to the low cliffs of Meall Sanna.

Sue soaks up the views over Sanna Bay.

Approaching the first of the cairns on Sanna Head, looking back over rough trackless ground to Sanna.

Seen from one of the cairns on Sanna Head, the headland of Rubha Carrach backed by some of the monsters of mainland Scotland.

Sue drinks in the views to the Small Isles.

Meall Sanna above Sanna.

Wonderful silvery seascapes, from Sanna Head views to the lighthouse on the Point of Ardnamurchan.

Two hundred years ago Western Ardnamurchan had a population ten times it's present, it offers an open window into Scottish history, many cleared villages litter the peninsular, this being Plocaig, the brutalities of man cast a long shadow.

This fine cairn marks one of the tops running west from Sanna Point.

The sheep fold or fank if you're from north of the border, mentioned in the text above.

The rickety bridge over Allt Sanna with views to Ardnamurchan Point.

The scattered community of Sanna.

The shadows are getting longer, we're on our way back, this is a final look over the stunning scenery of Sanna Bay.

Well not quite, lets sneak another in, Portuairk at the Southern end of the bay.

I thought it may be difficult crossing this inlet with the tide rising, but Scotland's smiled on us yet again, a dry shod fording was made by all.

The small bay ay Portuairk reflects the spirit of the sky, a perfect end to a stunning day.

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