Pike Hill from Hawes.

Start. Hawes.

Route. Hawes - Haylands Bridge - Hardraw - West House - Shaw Gill Wood - Sowry Head - Pike Hill - High Clint - North Rakes Hill - Shutt Gate - Shutt Lane - Sedbusk - Brunt Acres Road - Haylands Bridge - Hawes.

Notes. Today's walk's been on the to do list for ages, one of those walks you keep putting off hoping you're going somewhere higher, more exciting, more interesting, the word I'm looking for is better. I'm in Hawes looking to Pike Hill, do I really want to spend my day wandering through farm land to ascend what looks like a boring summit, I know it's not I've been there before, that was another walk on another day.

I bite the bullet and set off, my route takes me down Brunt Acres Road, at Haylands Bridge I cross the River Ure before a finger post gave directions to Hardraw. Striding out through fields alive with summer flowers I soon reach Hardraw village, I intended to visit Hardraw Force but two coaches were parked in the village I guessed it may be busy, save it for my next visit. To the right of the Green Dragon Inn a path leads through a back yard, I follow this ascending through more fields passing West House before reaching a tarmac road, this leads over the Butter Tubs Pass, left for a hundred yards to enter the dappled shade of Shaw Gill Wood, this is a gem, how many people know of it's existence, I bet only local folk. I take my time as I wander through this delightful stretch of woodland, the stream is Hardraw Beck, several waterfalls have no name but no name is needed, all good things come to an end, I emerge onto a tarmac lane. Ignoring the caravan site I turn right, at the top of the hill a path allows access to yet more pastures, skirting the edge of the caravan site I reached Hardraw Beck for the second time, now only a trickle, the path swings up hill to reach the Butter Tubs Road. I ascend over tarmac crossing a cattle grid to reach a Land Rover track to my right, I follow this leaving it only to summit Pike Hill. The track leads above High Clint with endless views across Wensleydale, I soon reach a bridleway leading south down the hill, through High Pasture Gate entering the fields above Sedbusk A short descent on an old mine track allowed access to Shutt Lane, between dry stone walls I made my way to the Dales village of Sedbusk. This delightful 18th century village is a real backwater a delight to walk through. I make a right turn into Sedbusk Lane, after a hundred yards a finger post points the way to Haylands Bridge, what a disappointment, I'm deflated, I never realized I was so close to journeys end, I wander very slowly through the final few fields.

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Gayle Beck at Hawes.

Rambling through Wensleydale looking to Wether Fell.

On the banks of the meandering River Ure with views across Wensleydale to the hills at the head of Sleddale, Dodd Fell and the strangely named Ten End.

The Dales village of Hardraw looking up the gentle slopes of Ten End.

In the fields above Hardraw with views across the lush green landscape of Wensleydale with Wether Fell on the skyline.

Enjoying the cool dappled shade in Shaw Gill Wood.

Cotter End as seen over Bluebell Hill.

Hearne Hill seen over upper Wensleydale.

On the summit Pike Hill.

From the twin cairns marking the summit of Pike Hill views to Great Shunner Fell.

Stone men above High Clint.

From the stone men above High Clint stunning views across Wensleydale, taking in Wether Hill , Dodd Fell and Ten End the bowl of hills enclosing Sleddale.

High Clint seen from High Pasture Gate.

A wonderful view down Wensleydale, the largest of Yorkshire's Dales.

In shadow Wether Fell and Ten End, seen from above the lovely village of Sedbusk.

Seen over fields alive with Buttercups, High Clint.

Descending to Sedbusk between the dry stone walls of Shutt Lane.

Descending to Haylands Bridge with a final look to High Clint.

Taking my time, soaking up the views from the pastures above Haylands Bridge.

Views back to Pike Hill and High Clint seen from the path to Hawes, on my right the River Ure to my left Brunt Acres Road.

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