Over High Hartsop Dodd.

Start. Cow Bridge.

Route. Cow Bridge - Brothers Water - Hartsop Hall - High Hartsop Dodd - Little Hart Crag - Scandale Pass - Caiston Glen - Hartsop Hall - Brothers Water - Cow Bridge.

Notes. I promised myself I would be walking in the Lakes this morning whatever the weather, more fool me for making stupid promises. We can't always have blue skies filled with scudding clouds, today was a water in every crevice sort of day, grey skies, grey hills with driving rain just for good measure, I did have the sense to pick a route I could extend if the weather improved, it never did, I'll save the extended version for another time.

I parked in the free car park at Cow Bridge it was raining, it would rain all morning, a good path follows the west shore of Brothers Water, I followed this as far as Hartsop Hall, after passing the hall a path to the left signposted Kirkstone and Scandale leads through an Iron-Age Settlement before reaching a barn, the barn marked the start of my ascent, unrelentingly steep but not as hard as it looks. I ascended into thick cloud and driving rain to cross the summit of High Hartsop Dodd en route to the twin summits of Little Hart Crag. My descent took me to an old fence line a god send in these conditions, I used this as a handrail to guide me to the summit of Scandale Pass, from the summit of the pass I followed the waters of Caiston Gill, descending into Caisten Glen to reach the barn I'd passed at the start of my ascent, all that remained was to re-trace my steps back to Cow Bridge.

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Striding out along the west shore of Brothers Water.

Looking to the valley of Hayeswater Gill with Gray Crag under grey skies..

Approaching Hartsop Hall with views to Kirkstone Pass.

Views taken over Brothers Water somewhere in the cloud Angletarn Pikes.

From the remains of the Bronze-Age Settlement at the entrance to Caiston Glen the lower slopes of High Hartsop Dodd, there's a lot more hidden by the cloud.

Looking to Dovedale.

Viewing Brothers Water from the lower slopes of High Hartsop Dodd.

Pausing for a breather before entering the murk ahead.

A hazy view across Patterdale.

The summit High Hartsop Dodd.

The high point of the morning the rocky summit Little Hart Crag.

On Scandale Pass.

Descending Caiston Glen.

Caiston Gill with views into upper Patterdale.

A typical Lakeland barn, this one marked the start of my ascent.

High Hartsop Dodd with Caiston Glen to the left, the stones littering the fields were placed there by Bronze-Age man over 2,000 years ago.

Views across Patterdale.

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