North from Silverdale return via Arnside Park.

Start. Silverdale (Shore Road).

Route. Silverdale - Silverdale Bay - Far Arnside - Park Point - Arnside Point - Blackstone Point - New Barns - Copridding Wood - Heathwaite - Hollins Farm - Holgates - Cove Road - Cove Lane - Silverdale Cove - Red Rake - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. Today was a scorcher possibly the hottest day of the year, the mercury was still rising when we decided to head south, partake in a short coastal walk, hunt out a cool sea breeze. The coast in question was a small sweep stretching from the village of Silverdale to New Barns on the edge of Morecambe Bay.

Because we dithered it was quite late when we stepped from the air conditioned car into the stifling heat of Silverdale, the place was quite busy, avoiding the crowds we headed down Shore Road to access the sea front, which is a rough car park, a bit of grass and the vast expanse of sand and mud flats that makes up Morecambe Bay. At this point we decided to stick to the beach as much as possible, taking care not to get seaward side of any deep gullies we casually wandered north. At Far Arnside a couple of wide muddy channels forced us onto the coastal path, which in turn guided us along the edge of Arnside Park atop low limestone cliffs. At Arnside Point a well walked rake, polished by many pairs of boots guided us back onto the beach.

Across White Creek we wandered, under the cliffs at Blackstone Point, passed giant cut stones once a short jetty, used to load ships with farm products and iron ore. After passing Frith Wood we arrived at New Barns Bay, which was unexpectedly busy. I can never understand the attraction sitting on the edge of a smelly estuary amidst long grass, flies and Morecambe Bay mud, but people were there making the best of the weather.

We followed the access road to a metal kissing gate, a fenced path then guided us to Copridding Wood, climbing through dappled light was a delight, cool under the tree canopy. When we reached the main bridleway crossing the shoulder of Arnside Knott we turned right, walked onto a footpath descending the edge of Heathwaite, this broad well trod path deposited us at Hollins Farm.

After following the farm lane to the main Arnside/Silverdale Road (narrow lane) a finger post greeted us with a promise, only a mile to Silverdale. Through pastures we walked, way marked paths guided us passed the many caravans at Holgates ejecting us onto Cove Road, this in turn lead to Cove Lane and Silverdale Cove, which we’d passed earlier on the beach. It’s a short walk back to the village from here, a well trod path ushered us above Red Rake a collapsed iron stone and copper mine, we strolled through the wild flower meadows of The Lots before stepping back into Silverdale village a hundred yards from the patiently waiting car.

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Views to Heathwaite from the beach just off Silverdale Cove.

Wandering across the sands of Morecambe Bay viewing shingle banks guarding low limestone cliffs above which mature woodland thrives.

Looking to the woodland and scree of Arnside Knott.

Sylvan Arnside Park.

Views along the battered and broken edge where land meets the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

The long finger of Humphrey Head seen from near Far Arnside.

Know End Point the prominence across the bay backed by a grey distant Clougha Pike.

The rugged edge where Arnside Park spills onto the sands of the bay.

The shifting landscape and forever changing seascape, if you squint there are rather a lot of people out there....

....participants in a cross bay walk.

The vast expanse of Morecambe Bay seen from Park Point.

Striding out over a reassuring cliff top path.

Traversing the sea washed turf at White Creek looking to Meathop Fell.

Clinging to the steep hillside of the Cartmel Peninsula the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

Rounding Blackstone Point.

Big skies above the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay.

Strolling through the dappled light of Copridding Wood.

View taken over the fields of Arndale

Above Red Rake viewing Grange-over-Sands and heavily wooded Arnside Park.

Arnside Knott as seen from The Lots.

Still crossing The Lots looking back towards Red Rake and Arnside Park.

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