North from Hartland Quay.

Start. Hartland Quay.

Route. Hartland Quay - Rocket House - Warren Cliff - Dyer Lookout - Blackpool Mill - Blegberry Cliff - Smoothlands - Upright Cliff - Hartland Point - Blagdon Farm - Blegberry Farm - Berry - Hartland Abbey - Stoke - Rocket House - Hartland Quay.

Notes. Hartland Point the most north-westerly promontory on the Devonshire coast, remote and beautiful, with stunning cliff top walking supported by wonderful views over silvery seascape’s, secret coves and caves once the haunt of wreckers and smugglers litter the coast line. We set out from Hartland Quay commissioned in 1586, once one of the busiest ports on the North Devon coast, allowing the export of local farm products, coal and granite, destroyed by a storm in 1887, never to be rebuilt. What remains is a true tourist attraction, a must visit, so much so we visited it twice on our short stay in Devon. Hartland Quay can boast three car parks, top, middle and bottom, the lower is handy for visiting the quay, the Hartland Quay Hotel, museum and gift shop but fills up quickly, the top park allows ease of access to the coastal path but is small and was full to bursting point by the time we arrived, forcing us to abandon the car on the middle car park which turned out to be the handiest.

After ascending to Rocket House we set out north above stunning cliffs, passing a ruined tower above Warren Cliff and Broad Beach before descending into the valley of Abbey Beck, we preceded passing Blackpool Mill Cottage location for the 2008 TV drama Sense and Sensibility. A steep ascent of Blegberry Cliff followed allowing a safe crossing of Smoothlands, another descent took us by surprise before ascending Upright Cliff, this certainly wasn't an easy stroll. We finally traversed Blagdon Cliff to gain access to Hartland Point.

The tough but stunning section of our little excursion over we made our way to a small café (seasonal) above Barley Bay next to the car park, alfresco dining only. Lunch over we exited Hartland Point via the tarmac access road. Lundy's helicopter terminal marked the start of the farm lane leading to Blagdon Farm, the lane skirted the farm buildings, carrying us south through a field gate into a meadow, on reaching a small cops we turned left. Way-marked paths guided us along the banks of a small stream through cool woodland alive with summer flowers, a wooden foot-bridge spanned the beck, we crossed this to access a rather overgrown lane. With summer flora up to our shoulders and the deafening sound of insect life for company we climbed the next hill to access the tarmac lane leading to Blagberry Farm. Just before entering the farm yard a finger-post announced the start of an un-mettled road, we followed this into yet more insect infested undergrowth, on we battled into the valley then over the next hill to reach Berry and a tarmac lane descending to Abbey River. With tarmac under foot we climbed the next hill entering Stoke via the consecrated ground of St Nectan's. From there it was a short walk to the Fishermen's Cottages then on to the coast, we descended passed the parked car to explore the many delights of Hartland Quay.

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Seen from the car park, Broad Beach and the jumble of rocks where Warren Cliff meets the Atlantic Ocean, on the skyline Lundy island.

Climbing the hill to Rocket House with stunning views south down the North Devon Coast.

Seen from the tower on The Warren, Abbey River valley.

Before descending to Blackpool Mill Cottage, a stunning view to Hartland Quay from Dyer's Lookout.

Blackpool Mill Cottage one of the locations for the 2008 TV drama Sense and Sensibility, behind the cottage the steep unforgiving climb of Blegberry Cliff.

Sue drags aching legs to the top of Blegberry Cliff.

Wonderful views down the North Devon coast, just visible Hartland Quay and the remains of The Tower above Warren Cliff.

Stunning views across Blegberry Beach.

Seen from Blagdon Cliff the white washed stonework of Hartland Point light house, standing 59ft tall the lamp being 121ft above sea level, it was built to guard the headland in 1874.

Sue stops to admire the views from the coastal path at Hartland Point.

Looking down on Barley Bay with the radar station of RAF Hartland Point rising from the cliff behind.

In complete contrast to airy cliff top walking our return route follows overgrown Devonshire lanes and wooded valleys.

Sue descends into the valley of Blagdon Beck.

Battling her way through the undergrowth, with views back to Hartland Point and Blagdon Farm.

Nearing the top of the hill the going gets easier.

Typical green lane on the Hartland Peninsula.

Looking back to Blegberry from a green lane lined with Cow Parsley and Yellow Flag Orchids.

The rear of Berry House, note the Dovecote..

Seen over the sylvan Abbey River valley the medieval tower of St Nectan's, and the Fisherman's Cottages.

Hartland Abbey from the rear, a brief history, built as a monastery of the regular canons of the St Augustine of Hippo in 1157, became the last monastery to be dissolved by Henry VIII in 1539, has been owned by, and is the family home of the Stucly family for the past 400years.

St Nectan's church with it's landmark tower rising to 128ft, seen from miles around.

View taken across the valley of Abbey River, on the hill the facade of Berry House an elegant Georgian mansion built in 1760, last seen from the rear.

Seen from near the Fisherman's Cottages at Stoke, Blegberry Cliff with Lundy on the horizon.

At Hartland Quay viewing Screda Point across the white water of Screda Cove.

The amazing rock strata of Warren Cliff seen from Hartland Quay.

Stunning views over cathedrals of shattered rock, that's the view south from Hartland Quay.

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