Loughrigg Terrace and Tarn.

Start. Rydal.

Route. Rydal - Steps End - Rydal Cave - Loughrigg Terrace - Red Bank Road - Loughrigg Tarn - Ivy Crag - Deer Hows - Miller Brow - Under Loughrigg - Miller Bridge - Rothay Park - Ambleside - A591 - Rydal Park - Rydal Hall - Rydal.

Notes. I usually make a point of staying home on Sundays, after all it is the Lords day a day of worship and rest, what a load of crap I spend it with Sue visiting family, friends and most importantly DIY stores and garden centres as you do. With the weather being so bloody wet and Sue having to work some Sundays I've been taking the opportunities to muddy my boots, today was such a day.

I had five hours from dropping off to picking up, that included getting to and from my intended destination. If for some reason I got lost, or held up in traffic she'd have to walk the four miles home (no buses in this vibrant market town on Sundays), so today I opted for a ramble around Loughrigg Fell, chances of getting lost zero, getting stuck in traffic fare to middling.

Chance of getting wet promising, the weather forecast was grim. One thing about this walk, it's a people magnet, I most certainly wouldn't be alone. After parking in Rydal I immediately joined the crowds wandering Rydal Water's shore path. After following the lake shore through Steps End Wood I climbed to the higher of two paths, the one that carries the lucky rambler over Loughrigg Terrace.

Passed Rydal Cave I walked, along the edge of Rough Intake and Jobson Close, passed some old quarry workings, their spoil spilling onto the path. The path was now Loughrigg Terrace, the views over Grasmere and it's Vale just stunning, I continued to access Red Bank Road, turned left then let this narrow ribbon of tarmac guide me to a set of large gate stoops. I passed between them, a good farm lane now guided me passed quaint farm cottages above Loughrigg Tarn, there's some really good views to be had from this track particularly to the Langdale Pikes.

The track continued to Tarn Foot, but I passed through a gate next to the first cottage, sharp left joining a bridleway that guided me over the shoulder of Loughrigg Fell, Under the cliffs of Ivy Crag I wandered, many paths radiate from this main route, I ignored them all sticking to the main trod as it descended to Under Loughrigg. From this narrow road a quaint foot-bridge can be seen arching over the River Rothay allowing access to Rothay Park, I crossed, wandered through the park followed by the streets of Ambleside, I exited the town via the A591 heading north to the gates of Rydal Park. That was that my day ended strolling through the man made landscape of Rydal Park, a lovely end to the days short outing.

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The River Rothay below Rydal Water, viewed from the foot-bridge opposite the Badger Bar.

Seen from Steps End the Boathouse on Rydal Water.

The scene over Rydal Water taking in Silver How, sylvan White Moss Common and High Raise dappled with snow.

Rising from the shore of Rydal Water, dwarfing white washed Nab Cottage, Nab Scar.

Looking over Rydal Water and the shoulder of Nab Scar, viewing Low Pike and Red Screes.

Viewing Helm Crag and a sunlit Steel Fell from the start of Loughrigg Terrace.

Loughrigg Terrace proving you don't have to climb very high for stunning views.

Drinking in the view from Loughrigg Terrace, Grasmere, Deer Bolts Wood and painted by the sun Silver How.

The sharp summit of Helm Crag seen over Grasmere.

Striding out on a good track above Loughrigg Tarn.

Sunlight catches the field north of Loughrigg Tarn, with the wonderful rock architecture of the Langdale Pikes dominating the horizon.

Dappled light on Loughrigg Fell.

Carrying a cap of cloud, Wetherlam.

From a unnamed knoll in the shadow of Ivy Crag stunning views to the head of Great Langdale.

The same knoll and a more civilised Lakeland, rolling hills green pastures and Windermere Lake.

Crossing the shoulder of Loughrigg Fell, looking to the Wansfell Ridge with Ill Bell top left.

Miller Bridge over the River Rothay.

In Rydal Park surveying the scene before me, in sunlight Nab Scar followed by Heron Pike, Great Rig and finally kissed by cloud Fairfield.

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