Levisham Moor and the Hole of Horcum.

Start. Newton-in-Rawcliff.

Route. Newton-in-Rawcliff - Levisham Station - Dundale Pond - Levisham Beck - Cross Dyke - Low Harcum - Hole of Horcum - Saltergate - Ballows Dyke - Seavy Pond - Cross Dykes - Levisham Moor - Skelton Tower - Newton Dale - Levisham Station - Newton-in-Rawcliff.

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The village Pond Newton-on-Rawcliffe.

Stunning views over Newton Dale.

Levisham Moor,"not a soul in sight".

Parting of the ways, Finger Post near Dundale Pond.

Views into The Hole of Horcum.

Looking to Low Horcum Farm with the woods of Salter Gate behind.

Much closer view of The Hole of Horcum than motorists get, that screech to a halt on the A169 above

The Hole of Horcum (The Devils Punchbowl) carved out by glaciers over 12,000 years ago.

Lockton High Moor as seen from Saltergate.

The North York Moors in Summer, Purple Heather and Blue Skies

Over Levisham Moor with a magnificent view to the north.

In a hollow surrounded by Iron Age Settlements Dundale Pond.

Standing on a rock promontory overlooking Newton Dale, Skelton Tower.

Skelton Tower built as a Shooting Lodge in 1850 by the Rev Robert Skelton.

Some say he wrote his sermons here others say he had a quiet drink, either way he had a fine view of Levisham Moor.

Skelton Tower looking up Newton Dale.

Skelton Tower backed by Levisham Moor.

Sue crosses Pickering Beck deep in the valley of Newton Dale.

Late afternoon view over Newton Dale to a distant Skelton Tower.

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