Latterbarrow from Hawkshead.

Start. Hawkshead.

Route. Hawkshead - Colthouse - Colthouse Plantation - Rough Hows - Old Intake - Latterbarrow - Loanthwaite Lane - Scar House Lane - Hawkshead.

Notes. Latterbarrow a small hill rising above the pine plantations clocking the west shore of Windermere Lake, a splendid monument adorns the summit visible from miles around, a monument to whom or what I have know idea, but it certainly marks a exceptionally good viewpoint. I decided to walk in from Hawkshead via Colthouse to make an afternoon of it.

I left Hawkshead on the B5285, taking the first junction to my left signed Wray Castle. Striding out between wonderful ancient slate hedges passing through Colthouse before reaching a bridleway on my right, I followed this ascending through extensive pine plantations passing a small tarn en route to Rough Haws, at the next wall a finger-post invited me to Latterbarrow. The Hill now in view the pine forest's been felled. I made my way through the twisted remains of Old Intake Plantation to access the slopes of Latterbarrow, a short climb saw me on it's summit.

It's nice to view the big hills of Lakeland from a different angle, this is definitely a place that accommodates, after soaking up the views, plenty of them I descended to the west, turning left on reaching the tarmac of Loanthwaite Lane, then right into Scar House Lane before entering the fields on a footpath bound for Hawkshead.

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Seen from the walk in to Colthouse the Fairfield Horseshoe.

From the valley floor views to the Coniston Fells.

One of many slate hedges found in the Hawkshead valley.

Looking to the Coniston massif from Colthouse. the Yewdale Fells leading to mighty Wetherlam.

Ascending through Colthouse Plantation with a couple of mountain bikers for company, the views Bow Fell and the Crinkle Crags.

Wainwright's Lily Tarn on Colthouse Heights.

The trees in Old Intake have been felled, from this once dark track there are now stunning views, the ridges of Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick lead to Thornthwaite Crag.

The Scandale valley above Ambleside with the bulk of Red Screes rising to the right before plunging into Kirkstone Pass.

On the slopes of Latterbarrow looking to the Coniston Fells.

A wonderful view to the Langdale skyline.

Lurking behind Yoke under deep snow Kentmere Pike.

There are magical views to be had from the summit of Latterbarrow, seen over Windermere Lake the Fairfield Horseshoe, to the right the Scandale skyline.

The endless view to the south.

Under a dark cloud the obelisk marking the summit of Latterbarrow.

Back in the valley with extraordinary views to Fairfield for company.

Hawkshead journeys end with Monk Coniston Moor rising behind.

A final look to Wetherlam.

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