Humphrey Head from Kents Bank.

Start. Kents Bank.

Route. Kents Bank - Kirkhead End - Wyke Farm - Outdoor Centre - Humphrey Head - Humphrey Head Point - Holy Well Spa - Outdoor Centre - Wyke Farm - Kirkhead End - Kents Bank.

Notes. We’ve viewed it many times from the east side of the estuary, a long finger reaching out into the Morecambe Bay, we thought it might be nice to get up close and intimate with this whale-back shaped outcrop.

Humphrey head can boast a fabulous assembly of plants, take a walk on the cliff tops in spring and summer you’ll find common and hoary rock rose, blue moor-grass, limestone bedstraw, green-winged orchid and wild thyme. Where the sheep cannot reach bloody cranesbill and spiked speedwell grow, on the cliffs, you can see yew, hazel and Lancastrian whitebeam. We wandered over small outcrops of limestone pavement passed contorted hawthorn, there are many more including thrift and rock samphire, but this is a walk not a botany lesson so come along the views over Morecambe Bay are stunning.

We set out from Kents Bank railway station, there was loads of parking on the road side, our route guided us onto the platform then across a wooden walkway spanning the tracks. Safely on the other side we turned towards the wooded eastern cliffs of Humphery Head, with a good path under foot we wandered south, round Kirkhead End we wandered passed Wyke Farm to access a kissing gate allowing admittance to a green lane. This lane was somewhat overgrown, we battled our way through the undergrowth and a multitude of insects, the lane terminated at a narrow ribbon of tarmac, we turned left then almost immediately left again to join the access drive to an outdoor centre.

The drive guided us uphill then onto the grassland of Humphrey Head, after walking to the trig point we descended to Humphrey Head Point, had a quick brew before picking our way under the western cliffs. After passing a Natural Arch, a cave and the remains of a holy well we stepped back onto the lane we left earlier, the lane in turn guided us back to the overgrown lane, all that remained and there was quite a bit, to re-trace our steps through the undergrowth then back up the estuary.

I think it’s worth mentioning, we did this walk in summer, it was dry and the tide was low and out, I believe after wet weather or high tides it may be a total different kettle of fish, wet, muddy, a complete different walk.

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A splash of colour at Kents Bank.

Over the estuary, blue/grey across the horizon Clougha Pike and the hills of the Bowland Forest.

Looking to Sylvan Warton Crag.

Viewing wooded Arnside Knott from near Kirkhead End.

Views to the west over the village of Flookburgh taking in Birkrigg Common and Hoad Hill above Ulverston.

Ascending Humphrey head looking back to Kirkhead Wood and Tower Hill, to the left Wart Barrow and the small community of Allithwaite.

Beyond the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay the Lancashire coast.

From the summit impressive views across the bay.

Arnside Knott and the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay.

Humphrey Head Point.

The western cliffs of Humphrey Head mark our route back....

....sometimes above the channels and sand....

....then across sea washed turf, then....

....back to this, the lane mentioned in the text above.

Humphrey Head as seen from Kirkhead End.

Wyke Farm on the edge of Morecambe Bay.

The flat top of a distant Ingleborough.

Kents Bank Station on the Furness Line.

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