High Dam.

Start. St Peter's Church, Finsthwaite.

Route. St Peter's Church - Finsthwaite - Bellintake - High Dam - Roger Height - Low Dam - Bell Intake - High Dam car park - Finsthwaite - St Peter's Church.

Notes. It was my day off today, it was grey and miserable, the cloud base was just above the dry stone walls and to make matters worse, I had a thumping head cold, runny nose, sneezing fits, sore eyes, thumping head, yes not a pretty sight. Now I could have stayed at home feeling sorry for myself but I did that yesterday, so today overdosed on cold remedies I headed to Finsthwaite, my sights set on a small body of water nestled in the hills above the village, High Dam.

A short walk it may be but a popular one it is, it seems years since I set foot on it's hallowed shore line, neglect is a bad thing especially when the years are catching up on you. Lets put that right on this short walk through mixed woodland of oak, birch, larch and Scots pine, on a well constructed path cutting through bilberry, bracken and heather, it may have been wet but it did me far more good than paracetamol and lemsip.

This short walk started in St Peter's Church car park, a superb building with a legendary connection to the Young Pretender (Charles Edward Stuart), it is claimed a woman, known as the Finsthwaite Princess Clementine buried in the churchyard, is his daughter. From the church I wandered down the access road, turned left, a few yards up the road a finger-post invited me to High Dam. I could of parked in the High Dam car park but I had intended to have a wander around the cemetery, hunt out said grave, as it was pouring down I gave it a miss.

Along a gravel path, through somebody's garden this trod guided me, through sheep pastures passed a number of caravans then into the mixed woodland of Bell Intake, good paths then ushered me through dripping woodland to High Dam. My planned route was simple, just follow the path around the tarn, enjoy the scenery then descend via Low Dam and High Dam car park back to Finsthwaite. That is exactly what I did ending the day with a short but pleasant stroll back over tarmac.

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Sorry but that's where the arrow points, straight through somebody's front garden.

Low cloud over Summer Side Wood.

The path through Bell Intake.

High Dam, looking through the murk to Great Green Hows.

High Dam built to provide water for the Stott Park Bobbin Mill.


Water from above and if it wasn't for this stretch of boardwalk it would be wet feet also.

Autumn colours and Lakeland murk, if it wasn't for the wet we wouldn't have so many beautiful lakes, so get out there.

The mist's descending and so am I....

....to Low Dam.

The path through Bell Intake Plantation.

Typical Lakeland stream.

A splash of colour in the valley bottom.

Across the field, viewed through heavy drizzle, the Church of St Peter, the present building dates back to 1874.

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