Heysham and St Patrick's Chapel.

Start. Heysham (Main Car Park).

Route. Heysham - Main Street - St Peter's Church - Promenade - Main Street - St Patrick's Chapel - Heysham Head - Half Moon Bay - Half Moon bay Cafe - Barrows Lane - Heysham (Main Car Park).

Notes. Something a little different today, Heysham, what comes to mind two bloody great squat towers housing Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors pumping out 1155 MW onto the National Grid, Heysham Port the first port of call on the Irish Sea, passenger ferries, massive freight terminal. But there’s more, lots more, turn the pages of the history books and step back in time, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, saints and pirates, on the opposite page you’ll find Lower Heysham, old world and undeniably ancient.

After parking in the main car park we crossed the road entering Main Street, this narrow thoroughfare guided us between quaint cottages, bars and bistros, we visited St Peter’s Church whilst passing. It is believed the church dates back to the 8th century, built on the site of an old Anglo-Saxon church. After a quick look around we wandered back to Main Street then descended to the coast.

Our plan was to wander towards Morecambe, alas it was all concrete and clerical, smooth surfaces, unnatural, so on reaching a children's park we turned back. Arriving back in Main Street we wandered passed St Peter’s to the ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel, again 8th century, believed to have been built to provide a place of rest for early Christian pilgrims visiting the stone-hewn graves. After a good mooch around we wandered along the coast.

Above sandstone cliffs guarding sandy bays we walked, along the foot of Chapel Hill, over Heysham Head and along the edge of Half Moon Bay, home to Ship a sculpture by Ann Gillespie depicting the importance of sea borne trade. Also the home of Half Moon Bay Cafe, as good a brew stop as any. Brew over a green trod guided us over a tract of scrub land towards Barrows depositing us in Barrows Lane, the final few hundred yards were over tarmac fighting the temptation to take another wander around Lower Heysham.

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As we stepped into Main Street we were greeted by this, The Spirit of Heysham by Michael Edwards proudly mounted on the front of the Heysham Jubilee Institute.

Main Street.

The 8th century St Peter's Church.

High tide along the Lower Heysham seafront.

Viewing the remains of St Patrick's Chapel.

As St Peter's Church this tiny chapel dated back to the 8th century....

....it was likely built to provide a place of rest for early christian pilgrims visiting the rock-cut graves.

Views from St Patrick's Chapel towards Sandylands and the West End of Morecambe.

The rocky foreshore below St Patrick's Chapel where the rising waters of the Irish Sea kiss the Lancashire coast.

Views over a salt water filled Morecambe Bay, across the horizon the Furness Peninsula.

In the shadow of Heysham Head looking north.

Now this is what comes to mind when you think of Heysham., a bit of industry....

....and Heysham Nuclear Power Stations, overlooking the Port of Heysham.

The delightfully named Half Moon Bay.

Overlooking Half Moon Bay this, Ship a sculpture by Ann Gollespie depicting the importance of sea born trade.

Ship, a perfect end to a short outing, I'll make a promise we'll be back later in the year to enjoy one of Morecambe Bays stunning sunsets.

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