Heddon's Mouth.

Start. Hunter's Inn.

Route. Hunter's Inn - Heddon's Mouth - Heddon's Mouth Wood - Hunter's Inn.

Notes. A short but beautiful walk through ancient woodland alongside the banks of the River Heddon to where it meets the sea on the North Devon coast. Some of England's highest sea cliffs, frame an amazing view out to sea, a boulder strewn beach backed by a 19th century restored lime kiln provided plenty of seating. Sit and dream, cast your mind back to the centuries leading up to the 18th when gangs of smugglers regularly unloaded their booty at this isolated cove.

We parked at Hunters Inn, to the right of the inn a finger-post pointed the way to Heddon's Mouth. An easy walk followed, through woodland of sessile oaks, we ignored the stone packhorse bridge and rain continuing down the valley before crossing the river at a wooden foot-bridge, we soon reached the boulder strewn beach, sat a while and drank in the atmosphere. Our return route followed the opposite bank of the river reaching a narrow tarmac lane a few hundred yards from Hunter's Inn.

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The River Heddon below Hunter's Inn.

Packhore Bridge across the River Heddon.

Looking towards Heddon's Mouth.

Rock architecture at Heddon's Mouth.

The next pulse of rain sweeps down the Heddon valley.

The restored lime kiln at Heddon's Mouth.

The River Heddon seen from the lime kiln.

The cliffs of Highveer Point crash to the stoney beach.

The flooding tide at Heddon's Mouth.

Rock scenery backed by the cliffs of Trentishoe.

From the boulder strewn beach, Highveer Point guards this secluded cove.

Approaching Hunter's Inn, hoping they're still serving food.

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