Harter Fell from Longsleddale.

Start. Sadgill.

Route. Sadgill - Gatescarth Pass - Little Harter Fell - Harter Fell - The Knowe - Brown Howe - Kentmere Pike - Shipman Knotts - Wray Crag - Sadgill.

Notes. Extensive panoramas welcomed me to the summit, from Scafell Pike in the west to Cross Fell the highest point of the Pennine Way in the east, to the south the low lands of Lakeland guided the eye to the sparkling waters of Morecambe Bay, today the flat top of Ingleborough was clearly visible. This is the view from the summit of Harter Fell, not just the summit, the ridges leading to and from, altogether a day of grand views and outstanding walking, outstanding walking in a T-shirt, the sun was warm, the wind slight.

I left Sadgill Bridge heading north, a stoney bridleway, the Gatescarth Pass guided me into a wild mountain setting, passed Great How and Buckbarrow Crag I walked, on the opposite side of the valley impressive Goat Crag, all around cliff and scree tumbled to the valley floor. As walls of rock closed in to my left and right I passed through a gate allowing access to Brownhow Bottom, a change of scenery welcomed me, gone the cliffs and boulder strewn slopes, gone the scree and grandeur of the valley head to be replaced by rolling grassy hills, peat bog and sphagnum moss. My route continued over a hard surface, across the eastern slopes of Adam Seat before a gate marked the 1950ft summit of the pass.

I passed through said gate before joining a good path ascending Little Harter Fell, on I walked a boundary fence to my left, stunning views my right. The fence my friend on this high level traverse guided me over Little Harter Fell and on to the summit of Harter Fell, I sat a while drinking in the views, once drunk on stunning vistas I left the summit. My trusty friend guided me south, over The Knowe and boggy Brown Howe, on the ascent to Kentmere Pike the fence became redundant replaced by a dry stone wall. Across Kentmere Pike I wandered before the long descent to Shipman Knotts, still following the wall I descended to the head of Sadgill Pass, I made that name up, I think it's called Sadgill but everything's called Sadgill around here. From the head of the pass I descended into Longsleddale, passing Sadgill Wood and Sadgill Farm, across Sadgill Bridge where the car waited patiently.

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Goat Crag seen from the Gatescarth Pass.

The Gatescarth Pass once the main route to Mardale, now a perfect route to guide walkers into a mountain wilderness.

Wrengill Quarries with Kentmere Pike just visible under snow.

Above the peat bog and sphagnum moss of Brownhow Bottom, enjoying stunning views down Longsleddale.

Looking to the pass into Mosedale, rising to the left the boggy slopes of Branstree, the right Tarn Crag.

Seen from near the summit of Little Harter Fell, Haweswater Reservoir.

Branstree as seen from Little Harter Fell.

Magical views down the length of Haweswater.

Stunning views to the south, almost the length of the Longsleddale valley.

Blea Water forever in the shadow of High Street.

One of many wonderful vistas from near the summit of Harter Fell, seen across the Nan Bield Pass, Lingmell End actually the southern end of Mardale Ill Bell backed by Thornthwaite Crag (top right) and Red Screes (top centre).

View taken over Blea Tarn and the Caspel Gate ridge, with the Head of Riggindale in shadow and Kidsty Pike in sunlight.

A lone walker nears the summit of Harter Fell.

Seen from the summit of Harter Fell, the Backbone of England, the Pennines across the vast plane of the Eden Valley.

Looking to the horizon, viewing the Helvellyn massif.

Another view to a snow covered horizon, this time the unmistakable Great Gable dominates the skyline.

Ill Bell seen across Kentmere.

From the slopes of Brown Howe, mouth-watering views to the south, you can just make out the flat top of Ingleborough above Kentmere Pike.

The head of Kentmere with Ill Bell and Froswick in shadow.

Drool over this view, Green Quarter Fell, Windermere Lake with the Irish Sea melting into the horizon.

Standing on Kentmere Pike looking to Thornthwaite Crag, squint and you can just make out the beacon.

Stunning views on the descent from Kentmere Pike, in shadow Shipman Knotts, the green sheep pastures of Longsleddale with the Ingleborough massif across the skyline, to the right featureless on a blue/grey horizon the hills of Bowland.

Drinking in the views over Kentmere, Windermere Lake with sunlight on the Irish Sea.

The head of Sadgill Pass looking west to Sallows....

....and east into Longsleddale.

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