Golden Cap from Stonebarrow Lane.

Start. Stonebarrow Lane car park.

Route. Stonebarrow Lane car park - Westhay Farm - South West Coastal Path - Westhay Water - Ridge Water - Broom Cliff - St Gabriel's Mouth - Golden Cap - St Gabriel's Church - St Gabriel's Manor - Upcot - Chardown Hill - Stonebarrow Hill.

Notes. Come along on an ascent of arguably the highest cliff on the South West Coast. It’s a steep climb, our efforts will be rewarded with far-reaching views along the Jurassic Coast to the Isle of Portland, and west over Charmouth to the delightful seaside town of Lyme Regis. We’ll return through a pastoral landscape visiting a medieval church tucked away in a hidden valley, this and a manor house are all that remains of the lost village of Stanton St Gabriel. Lung busting climbs, knee shattering descents and ghosts of the past what more do you need, come along let us suffer you enjoy the views.

After parking at the west end of Stonebarrow Hill car park we picked a path descending to the coast, this old smugglers trod guided us to Westhay Farm, it skirted the farm buildings entering green pastures. We continued down hill to reach the coast, now with the South West Coastal Path under foot we headed towards the obvious flat top of Golden Cap. The roller-coaster walk in deposited us on the western slopes of the hill, leg muscles soon protested as the lower slopes steepened

What looked severe turned out to be not so bad, we soon stood on the summit drinking in fantastic vistas along the coast to the Isle of Portland and west over Lyme Bay, we sat ages. When the time came to leave we casually wandered across the summit to the trig point before descending an obvious path, this trod deposited us in green fields, we passed through a gate then immediately went the wrong way, after pursuing the map we soon got back on track. At the next gate we left the main path, followed the field boundary west, a path less traveled, before descending to the remains of medieval St Gabriel’s Church.

Just down hill from the ruin a fine house stands in the trees, St Gabriel's Manor, this and the church are all that remain of the Stanton St Gabriel a small farming and fishing community. The rough drive to the cottage then guided us to Upcot, a farm and a few houses. We continued through the tiny hamlet, the track eventually ascended to the heights of Chardown Hill depositing us in a car park, servicing the car park Stonebarrow Lane, all we had to do was wander along the lanes stoney surface enjoying stunning views as we went, eventually reaching Stonebarrow Hill car park.

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A route of old, this smugglers track guided us to Westhay Farm.

Above Westhay Farm enjoying our first view of Golden Cap.

At the end of the lane Westhay Farm.

In pastures below Weathay Farm viewing the coastal resort of Lyme Regis across Lyme Bay.

Sus's seen something interesting.

Golden Cap as seen over Broom Cliff.

Rising from Lyme Bay the white washed buildings of Lyme Regis.

Treading this roller coaster route to Golden Cap, taking time to soak in views inland.

Approaching Golden Cap from this side, the views over Lyme Bay constantly draw the eye.

Seen over the valley of Stanton St Gabriel, Chardown Hill.

Ascending the lower slopes of Golden Cap we're gifted with our first view of St Gabriel's Church.

On the heart-stopping ascent of Golden Cap, breathtaking views over Lyme Bay, Lyme Regis to the left with Carmouth tucked into a cleft in the cliffs to the right.

From the summit of Golden Cap overwhelming views to the east, the vast arc of the Jurassic Coast includes Ridge Cliff with the Isle of Portland top right.

Yours truly at the trig point on Golden Cap.

Looking over a patchwork of hedge lined fields to Stonebarrow Hill and Chardown Hill.

One of two buildings left as proof this was once the thriving farming and fishing community of Stanton St Gabriel, 800 year old st Gabriel's Church....

....and this stunning building, St Gabriel's Manor, a number of holiday cottages owned by the National Trust.

En route to Upcot.

Near Upcot soaking in stunning views over lush green pastures to Lyme Bay.

The long ridge of Chardown Hill.

Traversing Chardown Hill and Stonebarrow Hill taking a final look to Golden Cap.

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