Findhorn, Bay and Beach.

Start. Findhorn (B9011).

Route. Findhorn - Harbour - Findhorn Marina - Slipways - Ee (shingle spit) - Findhorn Beach - Beach Huts - Ice House - Findhorn.

Notes. Findhorn an historic village located on the Moray coast, once an important commercial and fishing port. Over the years we've walked from and, visited many fishing villages along the Moray coast, all have some fine attributions but of them all Findhorn is my favourite. From Findhorn Bay a massive tidal basin sheltered on three sides with a narrow passage into to the North Sea, to stunning beaches reaching along the coast as far as the eye can see, a slice of history and the Kimberley Inn if you work up a thirst or feel a bit peckish.

We'd been in Inverness, Sue felt the need for some retail therapy, shopping trip over we hunted for a scenic route back. The A9s scenic enough but has more than it's fair share of speed cameras, twenty miles along the coast lies Forres and the start of an Old Military Road the A940, our guide back to Aviemore.

You can't visit Forres without partaking in a trip to Findhorn, so before we drive south in the footsteps of General Wade we stopped off in historic Findhorn. After parking on the side of the main road into the village, our route was short and simple, follow the edge of the bay passed the Piers and Slipways to access Ee (a Scot word for eye), a natural barrier guarding the entrance to Findhorn Bay, a spit built by storm-driven waves dragging sand and shingle across the bay.

Plenty of seals drew our attention, heads bobbing in the water in front of us, across the bay a colony lay on a large sandbar in the shadow of the Culbin Forest. We slowly wandered round the point continuing over a shingle bank guarding a vast dune system, our stroll over shingle ended at a row of brightly colourful beach huts. Reluctantly we turned inland, wandered through the dunes back into the streets of Findhorn, short but sweet, adieu Findhorn until next time.

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Sunlight paints the waters of Findhorn Bay.

One of two piers that make up the harbour with views to the Culbin Forest.

The Mercat Cross (Market Cross) typical of most Scottish towns.

View taken along the harbour front, across the horizon Monaughty Wood on Heldon Hill.

Let this sweeping arch of sand carry the eye to the entrance of Findhorn Bay.

Along the eastern shore of Findhorn Bay.

Looking to Culbin Point, it's hard to make out from this shot but there's a large colony of seals basking on the point.

Findhorn Bay, unnoticed when I took the shot but there are two seals in the foreground, one staring at me the other content to fish.

Findhorn seen across the bay from Ee.

Passed Culbin Point the distant shore line of the Black Isle and the mouth of the Cromarty Firth.

Changing seascapes, the rising tide at Findhorn Beach.

Views over Burghead Bay.

This wasn't supposed to be a shot of the beach huts but sunlight on Burghead far across the bay.

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