Crinkle Crags from Great Langdale.

Start. Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

Route. Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel - Stool End - Oxendale - Brown Howe - Red Tarn - Glanstones Knott - First Crinkle - Long Top (Second Crinkle) - Third Crinkle - Fourth Crinkle - Gunson Knott ( Fifth Crinkle) - Shelter Crags - Three Tarns - White Stones - The Band - Stool End - Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

Notes. Grassy slopes give way to formidable walls of rock and rivers of scree topped with a serrated ridge, these are the Crinkle Crags, closing and guarding the head of Oxendale. Old Wainwright said of this fell, ‘For the mountaineer who prefers his mountains rough”. Christened by dales folk of old owing to the abrupt undulations across the summit ridge. What looks like mere humps and hollows from the valley floor turn out to be quite substantial up close and intimate, come along it's time to get up close and intimate with one of the best ridges in Lakeland.

With the remains of last nights weather hanging over the summits this could well be a walk in the mist, undaunted I set out from the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. The lane to Stool End guided me into the hills, from Stool End an obvious path crossed the foot of The Band, I ignored the path descending from the right continuing into Oxendale, the boulder strewn Oxendale Beck was crossed via a splendid foot-bridge, on the opposite bank my ascent begun. Steep, with a pitch path under foot, across the summit of Brown How, with deep cut Browney Gill to my right and the cliff and scree of Black Wars my left. I continued upwards, this is one of those places that makes you feel vulnerable, an insignificant dot in mountain surroundings, perfectly safe but awesome.

Just before Red Tarn I reached a path junction, a right turn saw me heading for the Crinkle's, a short diversion to Gladstone Knott followed before re-joining the path at the foot of the First Crinkle. Wandering on to Long Top (Second Crinkle) I decided to avoid the Bad Step taking the route to the left, do I need to explain myself? The only time in thirty odd years of walking these fells I ever got lost was following this path with friends in the mist, I was interested to see where we went wrong, an easy mistake to make even on a decent day, satisfied I headed for the summit. Over the tops of various other Crinkles I wandered eventually reaching the coll at Three Tarns, the perfect brew spot. Thirst quenched I descended The Band, not my favourite descent route, pretty tedious actually, I left the path to relieve the boredom and hunt out some views before finally descending to Stool End, all that remained to re-trace my steps via the walkers bar of the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, a proper walkers bar, slate floors, blazing fire, food and drink served all day, full of like minded people recollecting the days adventures, you always feel welcome in a place like this.

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Seen from near the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, the Crinkle Crags.

Cloud Kissed Pike of Stickle seen from the approach to Stool End.

The boulder strewn Oxendale Beck with the Crinkle Crags under cloud.

Gain a little height and the Langdale Pikes tilt into view.

Wonderful views over Oxendale and Great Langdale, seen from near Brown Howe.

Brown Howe with the lower slopes of The Band behind, and the unmistakable Langdale Pikes dominating the horizon.

Seen over Redtarn Moss rising into dark cloud Wetherlam.

A stunning view down Browney Gill.

Pike of Blisco as seen from the head of Browney Gill.

In sunlight and shade, Little Stand.

The Crinkle Crags from Gladstone Knott.

The row of crags across the moss are the top of Stonesty Pike, beyond them just under the cloud base Harter Fell.

Seen over Great Moss the Scafell massif.

Magical views from the First Crinkle.

From the coll between the First and Second Crinkles another spectacular vista.

Dizzy views into Oxendale and Great Langdale.

Legendry Bow Fell, off route today but it gives me an idea for another airy ramble, watch this space.

Pike of Blisco and Lingmoor Fell backed by Windermere Lake and the lesser heights of South Lakeland.

Looking across The Band to the Langdale Pikes, when I took this shot I was oblivious to the marvelous views down Great Langdale, "open your eyes Carl".

From left to right, Slight Side, Cam Spout Crag and Sca Fell, where the Broad Stand cliffs plunge into the coll is Mickledore before the rise to the roof of England, Scafell Pike.

Another view to the Scafell massif, this time from the coll at Three Tarns.

Wonderful reflections at Three Tarns with equally wonderful views, on the far horizon the Irish Sea coast with the cliffs of Slight Side and Cam Spout to the right.

Lingmoor Fell seen over The Band.

Descending to a more civilized landscape, the valley floor, the view Lingmoor Fell across Oxendale.

Well that's it, the path to the right ascends The Band then on to the coll at Three Tarns, the one on the left leads into Oxendale and a sensational day out, and that's the Crinkle Crags across the skyline.

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