Classic Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Ash Meadow - New Barns - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Hollins Farm - Heathwaite - Arnside Knott - Red Hills - Red Hills Wood - Arnside.

Notes. It wasn’t supposed to be classic anything, a short walk in the Dales of Yorkshire was on the cards, unfortunately when we arrived there was a few problems with parking, not Covid related. I looked around but wasn’t keen on abandoning the car on the grass verge of a single track road in the middle of nowhere, hence we found ourselves heading to Arnside.

This walk without doubt is a classic in every sense of the word, a stroll along the wonderful limestone craggy fringe where Arnside Park kisses the sand and salt water of Morecambe Bay, airy woodland paths and fine vistas, a small hill to get the heart and lungs pumping. Arnside Knott at a mere 522ft is but a pimple, but it’s a pimple with exceptional views.

Arnside was quiet, all the shops shut (Covid related) bar one, we grabbed some lunch for later before heading down the estuary. A concrete path guided us passed Ash Meadow before terminating to be replaced with sun backed Morecambe Bay mud, today it was a delight to walk upon. Down the estuary we wandered round New Barns Bay followed by a stroll under the cliffs at Blackstone Point, at White Creek we opted to stay on the sands. A strong wind ripped across the bay (we battled against it), passed Arnside Point before a deep water channel forced us onto the cliff top path at Park Point. It made sense to hanker down behind some rocks out of the wind at this point, have lunch whilst enjoying the views which we did.

Lunch over cliff top paths and woodland walking replaced the sands of the bay, after passing through the tiny hamlet of Far Arnside a finger-post welcomed us, a promise to guide us to Arnside. This path we followed, first along the edge of a large field to Hollins Farm then over Heathwaite, as we crested the hill a finger-post and rustic bench tilted into view, our route continued passed the bench climbing, into fantastic views from Arnside Knott. Drunk on stunning views we descended the hill, a wicket gate allowing access to Red Hills, a large field, down the field we wandered, through Red Hills Wood then via a metal kissing gate onto High Knott Road, all that remained to pick our way back through the quiet streets of Arnside.

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Looking to the Kent Viaduct from the Promenade at Arnside.

Long shadows cast by a low sun, looking south down the estuary to Frith Wood, with Grange-over-Sands nestled in the shelter of Hampsfell.

Frith Wood across New Barns Bay.

Making steady progress along the edge of the Kent Channel, viewing the Kent Viaduct.

Across the estuary the limestone cliffs and sylvan crown of Meathop Fell.

Arnside Knott viewed from White Creek.

The golden sands of Morecambe Bay (and you can't always say that) backed by the Newton Fells and Meathop Fell.

Sue in action at Park Point.

Views from Park Point along the jagged edge where Arnside Park meets the shifting sand of Morecambe Bay.

Across the sands Know End Point backed by the grey hills of the Bowland Forest.

Dark against a blue sky the long finger of Humphrey Head.

A stunning view along the ragged joint where land meets the sands and salt water of Morecambe Bay.

Woodland daffodils near Far Arnside.

Ascending the limestone of Arnside Knott, stopping for a breather enjoying views over Upper Morecambe Bay to Grange-over-Sands.

There's some wonderful views to be had from Arnside Knott, here's a few, Whitbarrow backed by the hills of Lakeland....

....little Holme Island backed by the heights of Hampsfell....

...dancing shadows over Milnthorpe Sands....

....sylvan Beetham Fell backed by Scout Hill and Farleton Fell.

Viewing Milnthorpe Sands from Red Hills.

About to be swallowed up by Red Hills Wood, taking a final look at Whitbarrow.

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