Catrigg Force and Attermire Scar.

Start. Langcliffe.

Route. Langcliffe - Dick Ground Plantation - Lower Winskill - Upper Winskill - Catrigg Force - Malham Road - Warrendale - Attermire Scar - Pennine Bridleway - Langcliffe.

Notes. This scenic walk took me through a great variety of limestone terrain, along the base of the high escarpment of Attermire Scar studded with holes and caves. The area is rich in geological interest, being crossed by the Mid-Craven and South Craven Faults, bringing an abrupt change in the landscape. For those whom just like to enjoy the scenery this is good waterfall building country, a short diversion leads to Catrigg Force, here the waters of Catrigg Beck take a double leap into a rocky hall adorned with mature trees, mosses and ferns. Then there's the views, not all good today but between snow showers, just stunning.

The small car park at Langcliffe marked my starting point, to the north corner a track disappears between housing, this soon turns into a green lane, my guide into the promised land. When the lane ended the climbing started, a narrow trod guided me up the hill between mature trees, gates and stiles aided my crossing of field boundaries, the final stile deposited me on the access drive to Lower Winskill, I turned right to be met by a finger-post promising access to a number of places, Stainforth and Catrigg Force will do for me.

The path, a wide track running along the edge of the field boundary soon passed through a gate then descended to another gate, I passed through said gate then immediately through a smaller gate, this allowed access to Catrigg Force. I hung around drinking coffee, walked around enjoying my surroundings and sat around enjoying the ambiance of the place, not wanting to leave this noisy water filled gorge. When everything suddenly went dark I thought I best make a move, emerging from the gorge a heavy snow shower greeted me, I re-traced my steps to the first gate then with the weather on my back followed a rough track east to the Malham Road.

The tarmac surface of this narrow fell road guided me towards Langcliffe, on reaching a cattle grid I swung left, green paths then ushered me into the high valley of Rannerdale. The limestone scenery up here is staggering, a geologists dream, the shattered cliffs mark the point where the high dales abruptly gives way to a friendlier Yorkshire, a land of manicured fields and industry.

I passed Jubilee Cave and Victoria Cave, I strolled under the cliffs of Brent Scar and Attermire Scar, the path I followed descended, as it rounded a corner the cliffs, spires and rivers of scree of Rannerdale Knotts tilted into view, a staggering scene enough to stop you in your tracks. When I set off again it was to ascend out of the valley, a green trod guided me over the hill onto a steep descent that terminated at a dry stone wall. I turned right, with the wall for company I casually wandered back to Langcliffe ending the day battling my way into another heavy snow shower.



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Testament to the amount of rain we've had lately, deep water in Dicks Ground.

Lower Winskill backed by a grey Smearsett Scar.

Catrigg Force, where the waters of Catrigg Beck takes a 20ft double plunge into a wonderful wooded gorge.

Above Catrigg Force looking to the disused quarries that scar the Ribblesdale slopes of Moughton.

Pen-y-ghent under a light dusting of snow.

Fountains Fell under a blanket of snow bearing cloud.

Striding into Warrendale viewing the cliffs of Brent Scar and Attermire Scar.

Looking down on Lower Winskill with the scars of Moughton under a heavy snow shower.

Across Ribblesdale Pot and Smearsett Scars.

I suddenly find myself walking in black and white, the high valley of Warrendale.

Backed by the snow painted lower slopes of Ingleborough, catching the sun Smearsett and Pot Scars.

Looking towards Victoria Cave across the scree and limestone cliffs of Brent Scar.

Looking imposing from my ascent out of the valley, Attermire Scar.

Warrendale Knotts, caves and climbing cliffs.

Dramatic rock scenery welcomes the lucky ramblers whom finds themselves in the hills above Settle.

A glimpse of the picturesque, Warrendale Knotts backed by Attermire Scar.

Dramatic rock scenery of Warrendale and Attermire.

Taking a final look back at the imposing rock architecture adorning this must visit high valley.

The sun came out so I carried on shooting.

Definitely a final look, Attermire Scar with a dusting of snow on the slopes of Little Scar and Great Scar.

I've walked this way many times but never noticed the massive scar of the Settle Quarry (disused), maybe a walk for another day.

Views over Settle with heavy weather washing the Bowland Forest.

Snow sweeps down the Ribble Valley.

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