Castleton, Hope Circular.

Start. Castleton.

Route. Castleton - Millbridge - Hollowford Road - Robinlands Lane - Losehill Hall - Spring House Farm - Hope - Eccles Close - Edale Road - Church of St Peter - Pindale Road - Castleton.

Notes. To end our stay in the Peak District a short valley walk linking Castleton and Hope, a wander through sheep pastures over well walked paths, arrows and finger-posts guiding us at every junction, returning along the banks of the Peakshole Water.

Another hazy Peak District day welcomed us as we wandered through Castleton, the road swung sharp left by the Ye Olde Nags Head before passing the village school, at the next bend sharp right we continued straight on. With the tarmac of Millbridge under foot we continued along the lane, the lane crossed Odin Sitch before reaching a finger-post at the junction with Robinlands Lane. We turned right, passed the Hollowford Centre we walked a gravel track under foot, on passed Losehill Hall and Spring House Farm we wandered where we left the track to join field paths. Many gates, stiles, way-mark arrows and a few finger-posts later we stepped onto the tarmac of a Hope housing estate.

We turned left to wander along Eccles Close, passed the school to access the Edale Road, a right turn followed by a short walk along this busy road saw us reach the 14th century Church of St Peter. To the right of the church Pindale Road our guide to the banks of the Peakshole Water. A short descent to the river followed by an equally short ascent to reach a finger-post inviting us to Castleton, this was the start of an easy walk over good paths, the river barley visible through the flora but that mattered little, this was an easy end to a delightful few days in the Derbyshire Peak District.

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Peveril Castle seen as we wandered out of the car park.

Odin Sitch.

Lose Hill as seen from Robinlands Lane.

Hazy views to Peveril Castle.

Marking the head of the Hope Valley, Mam Tor.

Strange, never mentioned in any of the tourist information, visible from almost any viewpoint in the valley, the Hope Cement Factory the biggest in the UK, I'm not berating the place, it brings much needed employment to the valley, one cannot survive on tourism and sheep alone, and I'd rather look at that than a field full of useless wind turbines.

Looking to Hope from sheep pastures east of Spring House Farm.

Ancient tracks in the Hope Valley.

Viewing the high ground closing the head of the Hope Valley, from left to right, Long Cliff followed by Teak Cliff and Mam Tor.

The Peackshole Water at Hope.

The Pinfold was an enclosure where stray livestock were kept, rounded up by the Pinder (or Pound Keeper) and held until the owner paid a fine for their release.

Through a gap in the trees Lose Hill.

Rising above the Hope Valley, Mam Tor.

I started with a shot of Peveril Castle so why not finish with one.

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