Castleton Hills and Cave Dale.

Start. Visitors Centre car park, Castleton.

Route. Castleton - Goosehill - Cow Low - Hurd Low - Cave Dale - Bargate - Market Place - Castle Street - Castleton.

Notes. A short walk on our arrival in Derbyshire, the hills in question, Cow Low and Hurd Low two lesser heights above the tourist honey pot of Castleton at the western end of the Hope Valley. Overlooking the village 11th century Peveril Castle, a fine example of medieval architecture. This short walk circumnavigates the castle descending spectacular Cave Dale. A valley borne at the end of the last ice age, cut by glacial melt water into what must have been a spectacular cavern, later the roof would collapse creating the sheer sided valley we see today.

We left the main car park, crossed the road and passed between the Three Roofs Café and the Blue John Jewellers, a narrow path guided us along the edge of the Peakshole Water to a stone bridge, after crossing said bridge we ascended between picturesque cottages, the tarmac of Goosehill under foot. Tarmac terminated at a gate leading onto a stoney path, this then guided us along the edge of a dry stone wall. Once under the steep grassy slopes of Cow Low a path emerged from our left, we ascended the hill, climbing to reach a wire fence before turning south west.

Now on easier ground we ascended to a dry stone wall, passed through the left hand of two gates to access the head of Cave Dale. A spectacular descent followed between limestone cliffs, passed many cave entrances and grit stone outcrops, like a cork from a bottle we popped out of the narrow exit/entrance emerging into Bargate a stones throw from Market Place. A spectacular end to a short walk, it left us wondering what other delights the Peak District had on offer.

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The Peakshole Water, Castleton.

Ascending Goose Hill.

Clear of the housing and views across the valley open out, looking to Mam Tor (mother hill).

Dominating the skyline Win Hill, seen across the vast expanse of the Hope Valley.

Looking to the Winnats Pass, another spectacular gorge cut by glacial melt water.

Below the toe of the boot, Cave Dale.

Ascending Hurd Low with stunning views to Lose Hill for company.

Wonderful views across the Hope Valley, taking centre stage Win Hill.

Spectacular Cave Dale with the remains of Peveril Castle just visible emerging from the trees.

A lonely figure descends Cave Dale, with the castle now clearly visible.

Spectacular rock architecture.

Sue emerges from the exit/entrance to this dramatic dale.

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