Beinn Langais.

Start. Barpa Langass car park.

Route. Barpa Langass car park - Barpa Langass - Beinn Langais - Sornach Coir' Fhinn - Loch Langais - Langass Lodge Hotel - Barpa Langass car park.

Notes. The sun seemed to have gone AWOL, replaced by a grey cloud filled sky spilling water across the North Uist landscape, as if it wasn’t wet enough, so we opted to start the day with a short sharp hill walk. This short circular walk visits two prehistoric sites, the spectacular chambered cairn of Barpa Langass followed by what our guide book claimed to be the only stone circle on North Uist, but another Sornach a Phobuill sits on the slopes of Croanabhal above Loch a' Phobuill, just under two miles to the south. The views are superb even on a wet day and, you’ll realise what I meant when I said, “as if it wasn’t wet enough”.

One thing to check before leaving the car, had we got head torches, check, then lets go. We left the car in the Barpa Langass car park an interpretation board provided an incite into what awaited us on the hill above. Through a sculptured metal gate we passed to join a surfaced path which in turn guided us to the cairn, this pile of stones dates back to the Neolithic period, at 5,000 years old it’s one of the oldest standing buildings in northern Europe. Out of the bags came the head torches, the vaulted ceiling is supposed to be spectacular, we walked round to the entrance to find it collapsed, a large sign forbid entry.

Disappointed we ascended the hill, a green sometimes muddy trod under foot guided us to a trig point. Views over the loch studded landscape of North Uist were spectacular, dark rain bearing cloud washed the hills and landforms all around us, every now and again one would drift over us, forcing us to don waterproofs. When one decided to hang around we descended to a path junction, turned right then continued to Sornach Coir’ Fhinn a stone circle above Loch Langais. From this ring of stones half hidden by bracken we wandered through heavy rain passed the Langass Lodge Hotel then onto the tarmac access road, this in turn guided us back to the main road a few hundred yards from the car park.

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Seen from the car park Barpa Langass one of the oldest standing buildings in Northern Europe.

A good path guides the visitor up the hill.

Seen from the ascent of Beinn Langais, Loch a' Bharpa and Maireabhal.

The impressive chambered cairn of Barpa Langass.

How imposing it must this have looked 5.000 years ago before the peat was formed and the land surface was two metres lower than it is today.

On the slopes of Beinn Langais looking over the loch peppered landscape of North Uist.

Looking down on the small cluster of houses bordering Loch Euphort.

Near the summit looking over Beinn Langais Wood to Cragearraidh Mor and Cragearraidh Beag,

Sue tops out on Beinn Langais.

The watery landscape of North Uist, washed with rain Eabhal.

Above Loch Langais, the stone circle Sornach Coir' Fhinn, locally known as....

....Sornach a' Phobuill, in English Finn's People after the legendary Celtic hero.

Roofless boat house on Loch Langais.

A final wet look over Loch Langais.

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