Avoiding the Crowds, a Circuit from Home.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Natland - Hawes Lane - Hawes Bridge - River Kent - Wilson Place - Sedgwick - Lancaster Canal - Larkrigg Spring Wood - Larkrigg Hall Bridge - Cracalt - Helm Lane - High House - Burton Road - Oxenholme.

Notes. Good afternoon from lock down Oxenholme, we've been told by Boris to self isolate, have no contact with family and friends, exercise once a day, you know the drill. I've been out a couple of times with my better half Sue, we're lucky the Kent valley surrounding our home is criss-crossed by many ancient rights of way. It dawned on me the other day whilst half way through a bottle of wine you may find it interesting to follow in our footfall, either on the ground or virtually through the power of the internet, after all, all our lives have turned upside down, so lets make the best of it.

In my bag today, one camera with lens, one bottle of water, and one small bottle of hand sanitiser. My tip of the day, after every third stile or gate clean your hands, stay safe, the waters for drinking. We left home following field paths above Natland, very narrow stiles aided our crossing of field boundaries, the third stile allowed access to the streets of Natland, a quick clean of the hands before continuing. After passing the village green and Post Office we stepped onto the tarmac of Hawes Lane, this narrow grey ribbon ushered us to the banks of the River Kent.

We stood on Hawes Bridge mulling over our options, the path on the west bank cuts through some National Trust land, which may or may not be open, the east bank was today's choice. Just over a mile of river side rambling followed, through sheep pastures and coppice woodland, along bridleways, passed Wilson Place to access the road ascending to Sedgwick. Once in the village a fine flight of stone steps ascends to the Lancaster Canal, we ascended before turning north. Now wandering along the Northern Reaches of the canal we left Sedgwick behind traversing sheep pastures, our guide the canal ushered us through woodland full of spring flowers, on reaching Larkrigg Hall Bridge we joined a bridleway leading to Cracalt. From the scattering of farm buildings at Cracalt field paths guided us along the edge of Natland, stiles again aided our crossing of field boundaries, again the ritual of cleaning our hands every third stile. Once in Helm Lane we wandered passed High House farm before climbing the hill to access the main road in sight of Oxenholme.

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From field paths above Natland views over the Kent valley to Scout Scar.

Looking back to The Helm.

Hawthorn Blossom in Hawes Lane.

Viewing the River Kent with Prizet House standing proud on the hill behind.

The River Kent south of Hawes Gorge.

Taking time out, relaxing in an old quarry on the banks of the River Kent.

Wood anemones carpet the forest floor on the banks of the River Kent.

En route through coppice woodland.

Views taken up the river from near Wilson Place.

Sedgwick House built in 1867 for William Henry Wakefield owner of a local gunpowder factory on the banks of the River Kent.

Sedgwick Aqueduct carrying the Lancaster Canal across the road at Sedgwick since 1818.

Next to the aqueduct this flight of limestone steps, access to the canal.

Horse Park Bridge looking to Larkrigg Spring Wood.

Larkrigg Spring Wood.

Larkrigg Hall Bridge, time to leave the canal.

Approaching Cracalt looking to Kendal Fell and the distant hills of Lakeland.

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