Avoiding the Crowds, Another Circuit from Home.

Start. Oxenholme.

Route. Oxenholme - Natland - Cracalt - Lancaster Canal - Larkrigg Hall Bridge - Larkrigg Spring Wood - Sedgwick - Sedgwick Hall Bridge - Back Lane - Force Gorge - Nannypie Lane - Wilson Place Footbridge - Hawes Bridge - Hawes Lane - Natland - Oxenholme.

Notes. Another walk from home, another venture into the Kent valley, another attempt to steer clear of as many people as possible. In all fairness most people are biding by the rules, some with panic in their eyes, all giving each other a wide birth.

Again field paths guided us into Natland, this time we turned left after crossing the manicured village green, the lane to Sedgwith guided us to Cracalt and the start of a bridleway that ushered us to the Lancaster Canal, bereft of water this super foot-path allowed for easy walking. South we walked through Larkrigg Spring Wood, under Horse Park Bridge, an odd site spanning nothing but lush green pastures, once a service bridge, now redundant, a grade two listed building. We continued through Sedgwick soon reaching Sedgwick Hall Bridge, another redundant service bridge.

From this bridge with it's fine views over the valley of the River Kent we descended through sheep pastures, crossed Back Lane then continued to Force Gorge a spectacular limestone river cutting, narrow, deep with lots of atmosphere, one of two on this stretch of the River Kent. Our route then crossed the road bridge, the road in turn guided us to a narrow lane running parallel to the river, we followed said lane to Wilson Place Footbridge.

The bridge aided our crossing of the river depositing us on a bridleway, this right of way guided us up stream to a field gate allowing access to a narrow lane, we passed through said gate after a few yards the lane swung away from the river, at that point we joined a footpath emerging from the left. Through coppice woodland we wandered followed by sheep pastures, the path ejected us at Hawes Bridge, a limestone twin arched structure spanning another spectacular river cutting. The lane the bridge carries then guided us out of the valley back to Natland, leaving us to re-trace our steps of earlier.

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On a hazy morning views over Natland.

Sitting on the edge of the village green in Natland, St Mark's Church.

Spring blossom near Larkrigg Hall Bridge.

Scout Scar as seen from above Larkrigg Hall.

Fig Buttercups or maybe not, can grow in woodland as they are, thrive in damp ground which that is?

Honesty I believe, on the path edge at Sedgwick.

Sizergh Fell viewed from Sedgwick Hall Bridge.

Approaching Force Gorge, looking back to the Lancaster Canal and the slopes of Wellheads Hill.

Force Gorge viewed from the road bridge.

Wilson Place Footbridge, a rather wobbly affair.

The route ahead.

Coppice woodland on the banks of the River Kent.

The River Kent between Force Gorge and Hawes Gorge, a stunning unspoiled stretch of river....

....almost, the scars of man are never very far away, I presume this has something to do with the gunpowder industry on the opposite bank.

Long shadows in the fields approaching Hawes Bridge.

The River Kent seen from Hawes Bridge.

Every walkers friend.

The Helm above Natland seen from Hawes Lane.

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