Around Lands End.

Start. Sennen Cove.

Route. Sennen Cove. - Mayon Cliff - Maen Castle - Dr Syntax's Head - Lands End - Dr Johnson's Head - Pordenack Point - Carn Boel - Mill Bay - Ninjizal - Travilley - Trevescan - Senner - Mayon - Senner Cove.

Notes. Lands End may of lost it's charm due to commercial enterprise but the grandeur of the western most point of the British Isles remains. Just turn your back on the Lands End complex to enjoy wonderful views across churning seas, stare across cliff tops where tortured pink granite stacks reach for the sky, if you've a head for heights peer over the toe of the boot to the jagged line where the Atlantic Ocean meets this green and pleasant land, and if you've any sense you'll steer clear of the Lands End car park, leave the car on the double yellow lines at Sennen Cove as we did.

We re-traced our steps of yesterday, along the sea front before ascending Mayon Cliff, we continued passed the lookout station, above Irish Lady Rock and the sad remains of RMS Mulheir, wrecked in 2012 just thirteen years into service. Stunning views to Lands End and the Longships urged us on, we were soon mingling with the Lands End crowds at the First and Last Refreshment House in England. Turning our backs on the throng we descended into a narrow valley, wandered passed the white washed Greeb Cottage before traversing the cliff top path at Pordenack Point, it's worth taking a breather here the coastal scenery is stunning. On we walked, the south west coastal path under our boot soles, soon we reached Trevilley Cliff where we hankered down out of the wind to enjoy lunch with stunning views over Mill Bay (Ninjizal).There was no rush to leave, we observed tiny figures traversing the next section of path, an awesome narrow trod across precipitous cliffs backing Mill Bay, a sure adrenalin rush.

The next half mile or so ranked as one of the best stretches of path I have ever had the pleasure to walk, quite safe but awe-inspiring, it deposited us on a gem of a beach at Ninjizal, another excuse to sit a while and soak up the scenery. Break over we ascended the path rising on the southern side of the valley, through rock and gorse we climbed to reach a kissing-gate allowing access to green fields. With field paths under foot we wandered on passed Travilley then on to the small hamlet of Trevescan where we joined tarmac. With tarmac under foot we wandered to Sennen then on to Mayon to be met by a finger-post inviting us to Sennen Cove, we obliged letting the narrow tarmac path guide us back

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The finger of Cape Cornwall seen from Sennen Cove.

Aire Point seen over Whitesand Bay.

The Round House and Capstan Gallery, a rare survivor of the 18th century, a capstan or winding pulley was used to pull boats up the steep harbour slopes.

Looking to Dr Syntax's Head with the Lands End complex to the left, below my feet the rusting hulk of RMS Mulheir.

Over Dr Syntax's Head, Longships.

Yours truly posing at Lands End.

Seen from near Lands End, Enys Dodnan, Armed Knight and Longships.

En route to Pordenack Point looking back to Lands End.

Stunning rock architecture at Pordenack Point with views over Lion's Den to Carn Boel.

Another view to Longships, I may as well tell you a little about the lighthouse as it appears in so many shots. Designed by Samuel Wynatt, built in 1795 it rises 115ft from Carn Bras, unmamed since 1988, right lets continue along the coast.

From our lunch stop views across Mill Bay to the small beach at Ninjizal.

Viewing Higher Bosistow Cliff across Mill Bay.

When we sat and had lunch amidst the granite boulders above the cliff, little did we know what stunning coastal scenery lay under our feet.

Striding out en route to Ninjizal.

From the steep sandy beach at Ninjizal Cove views into the mouth of Zawn Pyg (Song of the Sea).

Views along the jagged line where land meets sea, the most spectacular path I have ever walked traverses above these granite cliffs.

Viewing Carn Les Boel and the shadowed Zawn Pyg from above Ninjizal Cove.

Almost at the top.

Striding out through green pastures with views like this for company.

The tower of Sennen Church is our aiming point, a friend to guide us home.

Whitesand Bay as seen over Sennen Cove.

We finished the day with a celebratory wander along the beach and a long lingering look to Cape Cornwall.

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