Arant Haw, The West Ridge Ascent.

Start. Sedbergh (Back Lane).

Route. Sedbergh (Back Lane) - Howgill Lane - Lockbank Farm - Crosdale - Nab - Arant Haw - Green Mea - Winder - Lockbank Farm - Howgill Lane - Sedbergh (Back Lane).

Notes. This was the result of ascending aforementioned hill the other day, a not so bright idea I had when cresting the summit, it seemed a good idea at the time as so many do. The result of this spark of inspiration a leg burner of an ascent, a long pull up the hills West Ridge, but first I had to get there.

Again I parked in Sedbergh, again on Back Lane the main artery running to Kirkby Stephen and Hawes, yes and again I ascended Howgill Lane passing through Lockbank Farm as before. Once above the intake wall I swung left, north-west as before but this time my sights were set on Crosdale a lonely valley sandwiched between the steep flanks of Winder and Green Mea, Comb and Middle Tongue with the shadowed Crosdale face of Arant Haw closing the valley, one could say well and truly slamming the door.

With a dry stone wall for company, a good path under foot I wandered on, my route crossed a number of deep cut gills before the relentless ridge I intended to climb tilted into view. What had seemed a good idea suddenly looked dreadful, I wandered into the valley looking for an easier option, some kind of bottle out path, all choices looked grim. I doubled back, crossed the beck at a large sheep fold, gritted my teeth then started climbing.

Lets not sugar coat this the first part of the ascent onto Nab was a killer, small steps, slow progress saw me reach the summit somewhat out of breath, overheating and desperate for a drink, the rest wasn't too bad, and anyway I was carrying a camera, what better excuse to stop. When I crested the summit I plonked myself down and re-fueled, the top was mine to enjoy alone so I made the very best of it.

Once I managed to get up I turned to face my descent route, the so called South Ridge, the ridge I climbed the other day, I descended traversed Green Mea before ascending Winder the southern most top of the Howgill Fells. The top was busy, I didn't hang around immediately descending to the south-west, a green trod under foot, this steep but delightful path deposited me on the path I walked in on earlier, all that remained to re-trace my steps.

Wandering back through the streets of Sedbergh I reflected on the mornings trials and tribulations, would I do it again, would I recommend any one else do it, your darn right I would, but tomorrow may have to be a valley walk.

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Enjoying the ambiance of early morning, ascending the lane to Lockbank Farm.

Birds eye views over the Lune valley.

Seen beyond Nursery Wood the rolling landscape of the Lune valley.

Wonderful atmospheric vistas over the Frostrow Fells, taking in Whernside, Crag Hill and the Middleton Fells.

Nab and Arant Haw a slice of the picturesque, well it is to me I've got to climb the bloody thing.

On the heart thumping ascent of the Nab, looking to the Lune Gorge.

Stunning views over sun lit lowlands to a saw tooth skyline of Lakeland fells.

Fell Head scarred by deep cut gills.

From the summit of Nab lovely views over Firbank Fell and Lambrigg to the Irish Sea coast.

From the steep slopes of Arant Haw a link to many other walks we've done, on the far horizon Arnside Knott and Morecambe Bay, a little nearer Killington Lake, actually a reservoir, which was formed when Killington Beck was dammed in 1819, to feed the Kendal/Lancaster Canal.

Adventures for another day, Brunt Fell and Calders.

The summit Arant Haw.

Seen from the summit of Arant Haw the flat top of Wild Boar Fell with Swarth Fell to the right.

Viewing Winder, beyond a view stretching for miles and miles.

Viewing the Middleton Fells over the sun lit slopes of Winder.

Low in stature stretching across the middle distance the Frostrow Fells backed by Whernside, Crag Hill and Middleton Fell.

A wonderful view over the rolling landscape of South Cumbria, the wind turbines on Lambrigg, beyond Arnside Knott and Morecambe Bay.

Descending the green paths of Winder, viewing the Frostrow Fells over Sedbergh, to the left shadowed top of Aye Gill Pike.

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