Above Barbondale.

Start. St Bartholomew's Church in Barbon.

Route. Barbon - Eskholme - Devil's Crag - Eskholme Pike - Castle Knott - Calf Top - Barkin Top - Combe Top - Store Rigg - Barbondale Road - Blindbeck Bridge - Barbon Manor Estate - Pencil Brow - Barbon.

Notes. I'm in the company of Kirsten today, we're parked next to St Bartholomew's Church in Barbon village, our intention to ascend onto the high ground above Barbondale, for me another fine ridge walk equal to the one I did yesterday, for Kirsten an excuse to get a sun tan.

Our route took us into the grounds of Barbon Manor, we immediately went the wrong way, as you can see from the route map, five minutes sorting the problem out saw us en route to Eskholme Farm to start the steep ascent to Eskholme Pike, onwards and upwards over the summit of Castle Knott followed by a short descent then the climb to the trig point on Calf Top, following a wall and fence line we strolled across the summit of Barkin Top to descend to Combe Top. From the cairns on Combe Top we descended over steep ground to reach an obvious footpath, this lead south across Stone Rigg to reach Barbondale Road, what turned out to be a long tiresome walk over tarmac followed, eventually reaching a footbridge over Barbon Beck, we crossed to follow the path into the woodland surrounding Barbon Manor, wandering through mixed woodland with the many cascades and cataracts of the Barbon Beck for company we soon emerged onto the drive to Barbon Manor, just down the hill the church was clearly visible marking journeys end.

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The start of today's adventure St Bartholomew's Church, built in 1893 to replace one built only 22 years previous, there has probably been a chapel on this site since 1610.

Ascending the drive to Barbon Manor also used for the famed Barbon Hill Climb, if I hadn't stopped to take this picture I would have seen the direction arrow pointing across the park land.

On the ascent to Eskholme Pike with wonderful views over the Lune valley, across the skyline Farleton Fell to the left Hutton Roof Crags.

On the far horizon the grey hills of the Lake District.

On the summit Eskholme Pike.

On the long ascent to Castle Knott looking to the Lakeland skyline.

Near the summit of Castle Knott with views to Barbon Low Fell.

The summit Castle Knott.

Striding out over wonderful grassy ridges looking to Gragareth rising above the shoulder of Barbon High Fell.

Taking a breather near the summit of Calf Top looking to Crag Hill.

Calf Top provides a fine viewpoint, Dentdale backed by Great Knoutberry Hill.

The newly painted trig point marking the summit Calf Top.

The Howgill Fell above Sedbergh.

The eastern Howgill's seen from the twin cairns on Combe Top.

A stunning view across a stunning dale, Dentdale.

Crag Hill seen across the head of Barbondale.

We're having dinner with views to the Howgill Fells.....

and the hills we've just walked.

Barbondale Road carries the eye to Barbon Low Fell.

About to enter the mixed woodland surrounding Barbon Manor.

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