A Waters Edge Ramble.

Start. Glasson.

Route. Glasson - Conder Green - Meldham Wood - Sewage Works - Stodday - Grange Farm - Ashton Road - Carr Lane - Lancaster Canal - Galgate - Glasson Branch - Glasson.

Notes. Something a little different, the waters edge I refer to are the River Lune and the Lancaster Canal including the Glasson Branch. Bet you didn't expect me back at Glasson this soon after the belittling I gave the last walk from there, I thought I might give it a second chance, anyway the weather forecast for the Lakes and Dales was grim, mid day promised a little sunshine south of Lancaster, so here I am.

My day started following the track bed of the London and North Western Railway, Glasson Branch (to give it it's official title), It hugs the banks of the tidal River Lune all the way to Lancaster then on to Caton, it's promoted as a multi use path, your just as likely to step in horse muck as you are being hit by a mountain bike, having said that there's ample room for all. I followed said path as far as the Sewage Works, you smell them long before reaching them. A finger-post invited me to Stoddey, I obliged following a narrow path through scrub land onto a tarmac lane. With tarmac under foot I wandered to Stodday then on to the Ashton Road, I turned left then almost immediately right down narrow Carr Lane, at the bottom of the hill I stepped onto the tow path of the Lancaster Canal at Carr Lane Bridge.

With the canal to guide me I headed south passing under several bridges en route to Galgate, Burrow Beck Bridge and the high Brant Beck Bridge, I passed between Park Coppice and Old Park Wood then under New Park Bridge. Once at Galgate the tow path guided me passed the marina and on to the junction of the Glasson Branch. Greeted by the splendid cobbled Junction Bridge and Lock No1 I turned west, three miles, five more locks plus a number of bridges later I reached the Marina at Glasson.

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Heading out of Glasson looking north up the River Lune.

Over the salt marsh Conder Green backed by the hills of Bowland, I'll be crossing that bridge shortly, the building behind the boat's a cafe.

A colourful stroll to Conder Green.

Looking to the far horizon at the long finger of Sunderland point, an island at high tide.

Sunlight catches the Heysham Power Station.

The Lancaster Canal built to carry trade between Kendal and Preston....

....quiet now with only the odd canal boat to disturb the tranquility.

The splendid arch of Brant Beck Bridge.

Viewing Park Coppice about to pass under New Park Bridge.

Ellel Hill Bridge at Galgate.

Long boats on the approach to Galgate Marina.

Galgate Marina, a sign on the edge of the waterway kindly informed me it's only a mile to the Glasson Branch.

The Glasson Branch, greeting me Junction Bridge and No1 Lock.

Views from Junction Bridge.

The cobbled surface of Junction Bridge.

Long Boat negotiates one of six locks on this stretch of canal

An elegant spire rising above the tree line, the Ss Thomas and Elizabeth RC Church.

The strong wind whistling in off the sea is forcing the reed lining the canal to almost obscure the tow path.

Looking back towards the Bowland hills.

The view east from near Browns Bridge.

Approaching the Marina at Glasson.

Sunlight dances across the water at Glasson.

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