A Round of Derwent Water.

Start. Keswick (Brundholme Road).

Route. Keswick - Crosthwaite Road - High Hill - Greta Bridge - Portinscale - Nichol End - Silver Hill - Hawes End - Victoria Bay - Brandelhow Bay - Great Bay - Cannon Dub - Lodore Hotel - Lodore Falls - Screes Coppice - Kettlewell - Barrow Bay - Ashness Gate - Calfclose Bay - Stable Hills - Strandshag Bay - Friar's Crag - Keswick (Lake Road) - Station Road - Fitz Park - Brundholme Road.

Notes. Today turned out to be a happy accident, because I'm stupid, yes I'll hold my hands up what a cock up I made. The route was planned, an easy fell walk, the map was packed, the alarm clock set and to make sure I didn't forget anything the bag was packed the night before, what could possibly go wrong. It was pitch black as I drove up Borrowdale, I intended hit the summit as the sun rose, after parking in a convenient car park I opened the boot to find two essential piece's of kit missing. It was bloody freezing and I’d forgot to pack my jacket, not a problem I’ll just keep moving, next it was pitch black and out of the case that contains my head torch I produced a pair of micro spikes, well they might come in handy, not much good for navigating through oak and birch woods in the dark, I needed another plan.

I drove back to Keswick, parked on Brundholme Road then headed for Crosthwaite Road, this guided me to High Hill which in turn lead to Greta Bridge and a footpath leading through fields to Portinscale. Once away from the street lights the darkness swallowed me up, the cold arms of early morning embracing me, it was quite eerie wandering into the gloom. After crossing the River Derwent at Stormwater Bridge I made my way through the streets of Portinscale. Passed the Derwentwater Hotel and The Chalet Tearoom I wandered, passed the entrance to the Marina, as I approached Nichol End the sky had a definite grey to it and just to prove morning was breaking the first notes of the dawn chorus greeted me, a Robin I think.

With night turning swiftly to day I strolled passed Nichol End letting a wide path guide me through woodland, passed Lingholm and Silver Hill, through the grassland of The Park to access Hawse End and the shore of Otterbield Bay. Derwent Water looked absolutely stunning in early morning light, I stopped many times to drink in the views and just soak up the scenery. Passed many picturesque bays I wandered, all too soon I found myself on a board walk path rounding the head of the lake, the views to Skiddaw were stunning but I knew I was approaching Lodore and a spot of road walking.

The path used to run behind the Lodore Hotel to access Lodore Falls, it doesn't any more you have to brave the busy road in front of the hotel, thousands of walkers are forced to do this every year, I haven't heard of any getting cleaned up (knocked over) yet. I did just that and like them doubled back to visit Lodore Falls, once I’d had my fill I re-traced my steps then continued on a path running parallel to the road. Between the moss covered boulders of Screes Coppice I wandered, through Lowcrag Wood this trod guided me depositing me at Kettlewell on the shore of Derwent Water.

Whilst mucking around at Lodore Falls I’d been swallowed up in a cloud inversion, when I stepped from the woods the views were somewhat limited, so through somewhat limited views I wandered. Round Barrow Bay and Calfclose Bay I strolled, passed Strandshag Bay then on to Friar’s Crag, from this low crag jutting out into the lake it was a short walk to the Landing Stages and the streets of Keswick.

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Crosthwaite Road looking back to Latrigg.

Moonlight on ice, wandering through fields near Stormwater Bridge.

Early morning in the streets of Portinscale, the place has yet to wake up.

Stunning morning at Otterbield Bay.

Looking over Derwent Water to a snow bleached Blencathra.

The Landing Stage at Old Brandelhow backed by Bleaberry Fell.

Skiddaw under a blanket of snow, seen from the jetty in the shot above.

Drinking in view from Manesty Park.

Wonderful views through the Jaws of Borrowdale.

Magical, Skiddaw dressed in a white coat and a blanket of cloud.

High and lofty, Cat Bells rises above the birch woods of Manesty Park.

The shear beauty of the River Derwent.

Footbridge over the River Derwent.

Lodore Falls a hundred feet of disappointment, once a must visit for Victorian tourists, if you visit make it after heavy rain, bare in mind the beck that feeds the falls rises and falls very quickly.

St Herbert's Island evaporating into the Lakeland mist.

A blanket of cloud sweeps over the face of Maiden Moor.

A stunning view across Barrow Bay taking in Walla Crag and Falcon Crag.

From the Landing Stage at Ashness Gate amazing views north over Derwent Water.

About to walk into a lonely netherworld of swirling cloud and hazy views.

From the blue skies and crisp views of earlier we have this, low cloud and hazy vistas, everything's gone quiet it's fabulous.

Falcon Crag as seen over Calfclose Bay.

Placed on the edge of Calfclose Bay to commemorate 100 years of the National Trust, the Millennium Stone, it looks awfully small in this light, check it out, Keswick, Castlerigg and Derwent Water.

Broom Hill Point.

Enjoying the ambience of a woodland walk near the end of this superb outing.

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