A Circuit from Silverdale including the Pepper Pot and Jenny Brown's Point.

Start. Silverdale (Shore Road).

Route. Silverdale - The Lots - Silverdale Cove - Cove Lane - Cove Road - Elmslack - Castlebarrow - King William's Hill - Eaves Wood - The Row - Silverdale Green - Woodwell Cliff - Woodwell - Heald Brow - Jenny Brown's Point - Jack Scout - Silverdale (Lindeth Road) - Silverdale (Shore Road).

Notes. Yesterdays escapades in the Howgill Fells had left me with dead legs, reluctantly I dragged them out of bed, carefully descended the stairs. My good lady was expecting a low fell walk, that wasn’t going to happen but from my experience the best way to rid the legs of lactic acid is to use them, a valley walk then. We headed to Silverdale, not exactly a valley walk but as good as, a ramble through woodland, limestone grassland, along the shore line of Morecambe Bay including an easy climb to visit an old friend, the Pepper Pot.

After parking in Shore Road we made our way to The Lots, a wicket gate allowed access to these wild flower meadows (at the right time of year) overlooking the shifting sand and silvery seascapes of Morecambe Bay. With a good path under foot we traversed the fields to access Silverdale Cove, home to Red Rake an abandoned iron stone and copper mine, on the opposite side of the cove a strange cave almost perfectly round. After a quick nose into said cave we made our way inland, the tarmac of Cove Lane guided us. At the junction of Cove Lane and Cove Road we turned right almost immediately stepped onto a foot-path leading through Elmslack, this narrow way guided us between smart houses, at a row of cottages we turned left, the path passed the front of the cottages before climbing through woodland, the limestone escarpment of Castlebarrow and Eves Wood to our right, a tall deer fence our left. On reached a stile we turned right, ascended in the company of a dry stone wall before swinging right again to gain access to the limestone plateau of Castlebarrow.

On Castlebarrow we sat drinking coffee enjoying stunning views over Morecambe Bay as far as the snow capped hills of the Bowland Forest, we took the opportunity to visit the Pepper Pot before way marked paths guided us over King William’s Hill and through Eaves Wood. The woodland path leading us terminated at Eaves Wood car park, we crossed the road to join a narrow lane running through The Row, a lovely scattering of houses with views over The Park to Eaves Wood. At the south end of The Row a finger-post greeted us promising passage to The Village, we left tarmac, field paths then guided us to Bottoms Lane, we crossed said lane entering yet more pastures. This path initially ran west in the company of a dry stone wall, then swung south again following a dry stone wall, it deposited us at Silverdale Green believed to be the original village of Silverdale.

From Silverdale Green it was a short hop to the path leading to Woodwell, we followed said path through woodland above Woodwell Cliff before an easy down scramble deposited us at the spring and pool at Woodwell. We've been here many times so took a few snaps and continued south guided by Woodwell Cliff and another dry stone wall, this path terminated at a stile allowing access to Hollins Lane, we crossed said lane to access another path that in turn guided us over Heald Brow.

After a pleasant stroll through fields and scrub the path suddenly descended through gorse and bramble, it was steep but safely delivered us to Jenny Brown’s Point. Passed the smelt mill chimney and Brown’s Houses we wandered, a narrow lane then conveyed us to Jack Scout, here we sat out of the cold wind and ate lunch. Lunch over, flask of coffee drained we wandered through Jack Scout, the views from this tract of limestone grassland are stunning especial at sun set, the tide was in gently lapping at the base of limestone cliffs, the highest sea cliffs in Lancashire. Soon a lime kiln tilted into view, next to which a kissing gate allowed access to the lane leading to Jenny Brown’s Point, we turned left, up the lane to join Lindeth Road, our guide back to Shore Road and the patiently waiting car.

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Wandering through The Lots on a stunning morning, enjoying views over Morecambe Bay to the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

Over the golden sand of Silverdale Bay, Know End Point and the distant squat towers of Heysham Power Stations.

Above Silverdale Cove viewing Park Point backed by Hampsfell.

Humphrey Head as seen from Silverdale Cove.

The cave on the edge of the cove....

....with views to Red Rake.

Silverdale village as seen from Castlebarrow.

Still on Castlebarrow soaking up views to Clougha Pike and the Bowland Forest.

Humphrey Head with the Furness Peninsula reaching across the horizon.

The Pepper Pot on Castlebarrow.

The ruins of Emes Cottage in Eaves Wood.

Viewing Eaves Wood from The Row.

Stunning woodland walking above Woodwell Cliff.

Sue in action descending Woodwell Cliff.

As fresh as anything that comes out of a tap, once the only sauce of water for the villages and their livestock, Woodwell Spring.

Traversing sheep pastures above Heald Brow viewing sylvan Arnside Knott.

Rustic Warton Crag with Farleton Fell in sunlight and shade.

Views over Caton Fell to a snow capped Forest of Bowland.

Wooded Warton Crag as seen from near the smelt mill chimney.

High tide at Jenny Brown's Point.

Views from Jack Scout taking in Park Point and a distant Coniston Fells.

Restored Lime Kiln on Jack Scout.

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