A Circuit from Milnthorpe including Beetham Fell and Haverbrack Bank.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Beetham - Beetham Fell - Whin Scar - Longtail Wood - Cockshot Lane - Haverbrack Bank - Arnside Road (B5282) - Summerhouse Point - Milnthorpe Bridge - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. This varied walk includes a little of everything the area has to offer, parkland, woodland, low limestone crags and the Kent Estuary a place I never get tired of. This was an impromptu walk, a chance to escape the confines of my back garden after spending the previous day laying a concrete slab, a chance to walk off the aches and pains. Sues idea, it was also her idea to grab some sandwiches at the local shop, partake in a picnic lunch.

We left Milnthorpe via Old Bridge, parkland walking followed, way-marked paths guided us through Dallam Park as far as the Heron Corn Mill. By means of a bridleway and narrow tarmac lane we made our way to the edge of Beetham, after ascending a large field the woodland of Beetham Fell welcomed us. Way-marked paths then guided us across the fell to access the Whin Scar cliffs home to the Fairy Steps, our intended lunch stop. I knew it was a Bank Holiday weekend and most of the people whom would normally go abroad have not, but the belvedere above the Fairy Steps were crammed, noisy with standing room only, the queue to descend the narrow fissure stretched to where the path ended.

We shunned the throng immediately heading round the south end of the escarpment before swinging north, this path cut under the cliffs, passed the foot of the Fairy Steps and the queue waiting to ascend. Just below the narrow fissure a friendly finger-post greeted us offering passage to Hazelslack or Cockshot Lane, we opted for Cockshot Lane. The pleasant walk that followed cut through coppice woodland before gently descending the main route over Beetham Fell, this wide trod deposited us in Cockshot Lane right next to a bench, not the perfect place to dine but dine we did.

Lunch over we headed east tarmac under foot, after a few yards a finger-post invited us to Storth or Haverbrack, Haverbrack it was then. Way-marked paths guided us to a finger-post, a promise of passage to Hollins Well and Milnthorpe. This sign in the woods marked the start of a ridge walk, if it wasn't’t for the tree cover the views would be stunning, instead we had to wait until stepping onto Haverbrack Bank for those stunning views.

After hanging around soaking them in we descended a dry stone wall to our right, the path deposited us at a kissing gate allowing access to a narrow lane, directly across said lane a stile allowed access to Hollins Wood (I made that name up but it does contain Hollins Well, which you can’t access any more courtesy of Dallam Estate). Through the wood we descended quickly reaching the Arnside Road, to the left almost facing Sandside Businesses Park another finger-post, this time it invited us to Milnthorpe Bridge. This we followed, firstly over the surface of an old railway line then along the banks of the River Bela, once at the elegant single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge we crossed the main road immediately entering Dallam Park next to a quaint gate house. That was that as they say, the river continued guiding us through the park to Old Bridge and the streets of Milnthorpe.

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In Dallam Park viewing Castle Hill, the ringwork on the hill is all that remains of a 14th century stronghold, its prominent position attests to the importance of the area in the late medieval period.

The 16th century pile of Dallam Tower seen from Dallam Park.

Across the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay, Whitbarrow dominates the horizon.

From Dallam Park views to Farleton Fell.

Farleton Fell seen over the roof tops of Beetham village.

On the path edge, Beetham Fell.

I never took any photos crossing Beetham Fell and the Fairy Steps, it was just to busy, the next point of interest was Haverbrack Bank with superb views over Foulshaw Moss to the grey/brown hills of the Coniston massif.

Wonderful views through the mouth of Lyth Valley, dominating the horizon Red Screes above Kirkstone Pass.

Looking to the White Scar cliffs of Whitbarrow.

The Rivers Kent and Bela on view from Haverbrack Bank.

Whitbarrow seen across the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay.

Another view from Haverbrack Bank before descending below the tree line, The Newton Fells backed by the Coniston massif, to the right Whitbarrow.

At Summerhouse Point on the banks of the River Bela.

Dark across the horizon, Hampsfell.

We've been there, Haverbrack Bank.

The River Bela with views to Heversham Head.

The Weir in Dallam Park, the single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge backed by Castle Hill mentioned at the start of today's little outing.

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