A Circuit from Arnside including Hawes Water and Castlebarrow.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Black Dyke Road - Hagg Wood - Arndale - Middlebarrow - Waterslack Road - Far Waterslack - Challan Hall - Gait Barrows - Hawes Water - Moss Lane - Eaves Wood - King William's Hill - Castlebarrow - Middlebarrow Plane - Holgates - Far Arnside - Park Point - Arnside Point - White Creek - Frith - New Barns - Arnside.

Notes. This was an off the cuff walk while the sun was shining, it was supposed to be a trip into the Lake District, because I was late setting out I ran into the traffic chaos around Kendal. So many road works, a number of diversions, that adds up to not going anywhere or going somewhere at a snails pace. After ducking down a number of back roads I ended up heading south before I could go north, sod it I just kept on driving south not stopping until reaching Arnside, well why not.

Once I’d parked I headed along Station Road and Black Dyke Road to access field paths near the railway crossing. Through Arndale I wandered soon reaching the massive scar of Middlebarrow Quarry (disused), I crossed the railway line here to join Waterslack Road. This narrow ribbon of the grey stuff guided through Far Waterslack (blink and you’ll miss it) to a narrow trod climbing between small fields containing equine beasts (me and horses don’t see eye to eye), it ejected me onto another narrow lane at a finger-post promising passage to Challan Hall. Through fields I strolled, passed Challan Hall to join a wide well trod path leading into Gait Barrows, I followed this path, keeping right I circumnavigated Hawes Water, on the other side of the lake tarmac welcomed me. This narrow grey ribbon goes by the name of Moss Lane, it ushered me passed farms, modern houses and quarrymen's cottages to Red Bridge then Red Bridge Road, which guided me to Eaves Wood.

Once in Eaves Wood I stuck to the lower path until a finger-post invited me to the Pepper Pot, with a promise of the Pepper Pot to come I climbed through stunning woodland, crossed King William’s Hill to access the limestone scar of Castlebarrow, home to the Pepper Pot and wonderful vistas. Unfortunately the small limestone escarpment was busy, ignoring all the people I wandered south joining a path that guided me into Holgates. Between smart holiday homes I wandered, when the road swung towards the swimming pool and restaurant complex I followed a fence line to a stile, this allowed access to cow pastures which I crossed to access Far Arnside.

With way marked paths under foot I strolled through Far Arnside, between static caravans overlooking Morecambe Bay, once in Arnside Park cliff top paths welcomed me. Along the coast I wandered Arnside Park rising to my right, the stunning beauty of Morecambe Bay to my left. After rounding Park Point I strolled on to Arnside Point where I descended onto the mud and sand of the bay. The sands at White Creek were quite compact, I strolled across to access the coppice woodland of Frith Wood, a short walk through woodland followed, above the cliffs at Blackstone Point before stepping back onto the sand at New Barns, after rounding the bay a straight forward stroll followed up the edge of the estuary to Arnside.

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The Kent Viaduct backed by the formidable cliffs of Whitbarrow.

The pier at Arnside with views to the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

In shadow sylvan Arnside Knott with Hagg Wood and the fields of Arndale capturing the sun.

Silverdale Moss as seen from Waterslack Road.

Near Challan Hall looking over Hawes Water to the woodland of Gait Barrows Nature Reserve.

Tastefully restored summerhouse overlooking Hawes Water, way back in Victorian times the residents and guests at Challan Hall could sit and enjoy peaceful views over the lake.

Gait Barrow Nature Reserve.

From Red Bridge Road views to the quarrymen's cottages on Moss Lane and the woodland of Gait Barrows.

En route through dappled light in Eaves Wood.

On Castlebarrow, the Pepper Pot with stunning views over Morecambe Bay.

Shattered limestone, stunted vegetation and wonderful views over the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, it's a remarkable place Castlebarrow.

Viewing Know Hill backed by Clougha Pike above Lancaster.

Awesome views across Morecambe bay.

Clinging to a reassuring path, a narrow trod along the jagged edge where Arnside Park spills onto the sands of the bay.

Meathop as seen across White Creek.

A final view, the estuary at Arnside.

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