A Circuit from Arnside including Arndale, Middlebarrow Wood, Far Arnside and the Coast.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside (Briery Bank) - Black Dyke Road - Hagg Wood - Arndale - Middlebarrow Wood - Arnside Tower - Holgates - Far Arnside - Arnside Park - Park Point - Arnside Point - Newbarns Caravan Park - New Barns - Arnside (The Promenade) - Silverdale Road - Briery Bank.

Notes. Bank Holiday Monday, after our escapades on Muncaster Fell yesterday neither of us had any intention of heading out today, jobs to to at home you get the drift. By 11.00 o'clock it was obvious my better half was getting itchy feet, the sun was shining, a cooling breeze blew over the slopes of The Helm rustling the tree tops in the back garden, where better place to go on a blue sky day than the coast. By 11.30 we were cruising through Arnside scanning the road side hunting for somewhere to park, the place was packed, hence this walk starts on Briery Bank halfway up the Silverdale Road and we were lucky to find a space there.

The place we parked dictated the route we took. Down Briery Bank we wandered to access Black Dyke Road, we turned right, just before the railway crossing a path runs beside farm buildings, this we followed through a small paddock then along the edge of Hagg Wood, a green trod then guided us through Arndale depositing us in Middlebarrow Wood. A stretch of woodland walking followed the fields of Arndale to our right the steep wooded slopes of Middlebarrow Hill our left, we exited the wood via a narrow stile, a short sharp ascent followed to access the gaunt remains of Arnside Tower, the oldest building in the parish.

To the south of the tower a gate and narrow stile allow access to a green lane, this leads to Holgates and a field path that terminates at Far Arnside. The path and lane safely deposited us at Far Arnside, originally Arnside before the Victorian developers moved in to build Arnside on the opposite side of the knott. Through the tiny hamlet we walked followed by an up market caravan park, also Holgates, the well signed path guided us above limestone cliffs along the ragged edge where Arnside Park meets the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay.

This stunning stretch of coastal walking deposited us in Newbarns Caravan Park, we exited the park onto New Barns Bay where the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay narrows to form the Kent Estuary, Upper Morecambe Bay and Milnthorpe Sands. Continuing we wandered up the estuary eventually reaching the busy streets of Arnside, after strolling along The Promenade we turned into Silverdale Road, a short ascent followed over tarmac to reach Briery Bank and the patiently waiting car.

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From Briery Bank views over cow pastures to Milnthorpe Sands.

Our route ahead, through the gate along the edge of Hagg Wood.

Sylvan Middlebarrow Hill as seen from the wild flower meadows of Arndale.

Wooded Arnside Knott also seen from Arndale.

The gaunt remains of Arnside Tower, the oldest building in the parish dating from sometime between the 14th and 15th centuries, a unique pele tower as it stands alone, pele towers were usually joined to other buildings ....

....this free standing tower would have originally been five stories, systematic dismantling over the years has left it roofless and floor less, the damage we see today was the result of a hurricane in 1884.

Arnside Knott as seen from Arnside Tower.

Strolling through Far Arnside viewing Heathwaite over wild flower meadows.

The vast expanse of Morecambe Bay.

Viewing Know End Point backed by the grey coastline of Morecambe.

Wandering through the dappled light of Arnside Park, followed by....

....this superb stretch of cliff top rambling.

Grange-over-Sands seen over the shifting sands and forever restless channels of Morecambe Bay.

Stunning walking conditions along the jagged edge where Arnside Park meets the sands of the bay.

Copridding Wood and Arnside Knott viewed from New Barns Bay.

Whitbarrow across the Kent Channel and upper reaches of Morecambe Bay.

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