A Circuit South from Arnside return via Hawes Water.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - The Promenade - Ash Meadow - New Barns - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Holgates - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lotts - Silverdale - Emesgate Lane - St John's Church - The Park - Bottoms Lane - The Row - Park Road - Red Bridge Road - Moss Lane - Hawes Water - Gait Barrows - Challan Hall Allotment - Silverdale Moss - Black Dyke Road - Carr Bank Road - Arnside Moss - Arnside.

Notes. On a glorious November morning with hoar frost clinging to grasses and trees, and blue sky above, the question was where to go? the sea side where else, and what better place to be than Arnside and Silverdale on a morning like this. I make no apologies for being here yet again but there I was rambling along the jagged edge where sylvan park land stumbles onto the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, silence broken only by the sound of me breathing, boots on limestone and odd sea bird, now it doesn't get much better than that.

I parked at Arnside, with the cold biting my face and finger ends I set out down the estuary. First passed a few cars on The Promenade before leaving the village behind, after passing Ash Meadow I stepped onto Morecambe Bay mud, what wasn't frozen was extremely soft and sticky, clinging to my boots making walking awkward. After rounding New Barns I opted to cut through the caravan park rather than brave the mud at Blackstone Point. Once through cliff top paths guided me round Arnside Point and Park Point to Far Arnside, I wandered through the tiny hamlet ignoring the path back to Arnside, my sights were set on Silverdale. Over muddy field paths I wandered, through Holgates then over the tarmac of Cove Road, Cove Road terminated at the coast, appropriately at Silverdale Cove.

From this tiny cove home to the remains of an iron stone mine, and cave with a strange perfectly formed entrance I ascended the coastal path to access The Lots. In Summer these fields are alive with wild flowers but this time of year bovine lawnmowers keep the grass short, I braved the cows to access Silverdale village. The short walk along the main street (via the local shop) terminated just passed St John's Church, where a narrow track cuts back behind the Anglican Church guiding the rambler to more field paths. I followed said track then field paths to access The Row. A lovely little village, one row of detached houses on one side of a single lane with views over The Park to Eaves Wood. I then followed the lane, it ejected me onto Red Bridge Road, near the entrance to Eaves Wood, Red Bridge Road in turn guided me to Moss Lane, Moss Lane then guided me over Red Bridge then into Gait Barrows Nature Reserve.

Work has taken place in the reserve, disappointingly the path that once guided visitors along the edge of Hawes Water has be re-laid, I followed the nice new path along the edge of thinned out woodland, stopped for lunch at a conveniently placed bench before heading to the North end of the reserve. There's been a great deal of coppicing done, I wondered if the path I intended to join still existed, never fear it did, it guided me out of the reserve into Challan Hall Allotment.

Through the coppice woodland of the allotment I strolled escaping the tree cover into rough sheep pastures bordering Silverdale Moss. Field paths then ushered me onto Black Dyke Road, I turned to head back to Arnside. On reaching Carr Bank Road I changed my plan, opting to follow Carr Bank Road to a stile and gate that allowing access to Arnside Moss, then I'd head back to Arnside, this I did. The rain of the last few weeks, and another herd of bovine lawnmowers had left the moss extremely muddy, non the less I battled my way to Arnside regardless, straight into the bar of the Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, muddy boots welcome.

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A frosty morning along the Arnside foreshore.

Looking to New Barns with Frith Wood just capturing the first rays of the morning sun.

You just can't visit Arnside without taking a photo of the Kent Viaduct, I've got hundreds, how boring is that.

From the sea washed turf at New Barns views to Whitbarrow.

Hampsfell above Grange-over-Sands seen from New Barns.

The spectre of Humphrey Head reaches out into Morecambe Bay, as viewed from Arnside Point.

Striding out over cliff top paths, looking back to Grange-over-Sands and sylvan Hampsfell.

Across the shifting sands and changing channels of Morecambe Bay lies Know End Point.

A low sun paints the surface of Morecambe Bay.

The shingle beach at Far Arnside.

Big skies, endless views and shimmering seascapes seen from Silverdale Cove.

Approaching The Row with views across The Park to Eaves Wood.

Gait Barrows, this part of the reserve has had a good thinning out, the path's been moved guiding the rambler away from Hawes Water.

Challan Hall across Hawes Water.

Looming above Silverdale Moss, Arnside Knott.

Arnside Moss looking north.

Beetham Fell and Whin Scar seen over Arnside Moss.

High tide at Arnside.

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