Woodwell and Jenny Brown's Point.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale - Stankelt Road - Woodwell Cliff - Woodwell - Hollins Lane - Heald Brow - Jenny Brown's Point - Jack Scout - Lindeth Tower - Lindeth Road - Silverdale.

Notes. Woodwell and Jenny Brown's Point just two hidden gems to be found on this short circuit from Silverdale village. With poor weather forecast I hadn't intended stepping out but the thought of fresh air and the taste of salt water on the breeze got the better of me.

I parked in Shore Road wandered down to the beach to be greeted by an ebbing tide, Know End Point accessed by a faint cliff top path provided a couple of photo opportunities before re-tracing my steps back to Silverdale, or to be more precise the local store, I needed a picnic for later, lunch by the sea I hoped.

Up Stankelt Road I wandered, after passing The Limes a finger-post on the right invited me to Woodwell Cliff, I obliged wandering through mixed woodland a muddy path under foot with steep drops to my right. I entered a small meadow to be greeted by another finger-post, a parting of the ways, it was Woodwell for me. After passing through a kissing gate I left the main trod, the path I followed guided me down an easy scramble to the spring and pool. Once the only source of water for the villagers and their livestock, an alluring place, an ideal place to linger.

After lingering I bid farewell to Woodwell, a narrow muddy trod ushered me along the edge of a large meadow, to my right a dry stone wall, to the left the shattered rocks of Woodwell Cliff. This narrow way ejected me into Hollins Lane to be greeted by yet another finger-post, this lichen covered piece of timber promised passage to Heald Brow. Again I obliged, again a muddy path guided me, with hedge rows to one side and a dry stone wall the other, this narrow trod passed behind a barn, through a small cops before ejecting me into sheep pastures on Heald Brow. A short stretch of easy field walking followed before a steep slippery descent to the salt marsh. I swung right, Jenny Brown's Point was just around the corner.

Hunting out a sheltered perch, somewhere to enjoy lunch, I wandered passed the smelt mill chimney and Browns Houses, I stopped to drink in views along the embankment then entered Jack Scout, a place with many hidden corners, I descended to a secluded cove, sat down, had lunch and let the afternoon slip away. Maybe I was daydreaming, maybe dozing but when a large cold droplet of water landed on my head I decided to throw my waterproof on and head back. Along the edge of Jack Scout I strolled enjoying stunning views across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, passed Lindeth Tower and the Wolf House Gallery I walked, along Lindeth Road to access Shore Road where the car waited patiently.

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Views to Arnside Knott from the shore at Silverdale.

From Know End Point views to the short limestone headland that guards Cows Mouth Cove.

Hampsfell above the white washed buildings of Grange-over-Sands.

Woodwell Cliff Wood and the trod to Woodwell.

The spring at Woodwell, once the only water supply for the villagers and their livestock.

A cool place in summer, a good spot to linger this time of year, the pool at Woodwell.

Arnside Knott as seen from sheep pastures on Heald Brow.

Sylvan Warton Crag seen across the salt marsh south of Silverdale.

The smelt mill chimney at Jenny Brown's Point.

Quick Sand Pools looking to the vast arch of the Lancashire coast.

The embankment, a Victorian scheme to re-claim vast tracts of the bay for farming.

Stunning vistas across Morecambe Bay from the edge of Jack Scout.

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