Warrendale Knotts above Settle.

Start. Langcliffe.

Route. Langcliffe - Blua Crags - Warrendale Knotts - Brant Scar - Victoria Cave - Malham Road - Winskill Stones - Catrigg Force - Upper Winskill - Dick Ground - Langcliffe.

Notes. Plunging limestone cliffs a haunt of men on ropes, columns and pillars and steeples reach into an ice blue sky, caves and rivers of limestone scree, this is Warendale Knotts viewed by many, climbed by few. Take a walk with me through gods battlefield where giant plates of limestone and mill stone grit collide, thrusting rock formed on the sea bed of an ancient ocean skywards to form the Craven Fault. This riven edge marks the end of the high limestone dales and the start of pastoral Yorkshire, where green fields and tiny villages carry the eye to industrial Lancashire. You must admit what god created man's made a good job of preserving, and you can't always say that now can you.

My day started in Langcliffe as many of my days do when walking the hills above Settle, across the lane from the car park a finger post points the way. I ascended through a small pasture before turning south, this well walked path will guide you to Settle if you wish, I left it in the shadow of Blua Crags, ascending steep ground guarding the entrance to a high valley. Once in the valley the views to Attermire Scar are quite something, to my left the hill I'd come to climb Warrendale Knotts. A stile breaches the dry stone wall promising superb walking through a landscape rarely trod. I crossed said stile, a faint path guided me north under spectacular limestone cliffs. After passing a couple of unnamed tarns (rather large puddles) a dry stone wall halted my progress, I turned to ascend to the summit marked with a trig point and wind shelter, I sat a while admiring jaw dropping views until the cold wind started to bite.

Shivering I picked my way round various rocky towers and limestone pillars, the path meandered to a field gate, I passed through said gate to join the path that runs passed Victoria Cave. Through stunning limestone scenery I rambled soon reaching the grey ribbon of tarmac that carries motor vehicles to Malham, I followed this lane north, passed a couple of restored lime ovens, between limestone scars and low cliffs to reach a rough farm lane. Striding out along said lane I decided on a short diversion, plunging into a tree filled hollow, a short walk across a small field spectacular Catrigg Force, well worth a visit. Visit over I re-traced my steps to the lane I'd just left, this I then followed to Upper Winskill where a way marked path guided me across a field to start my descent to the valley floor. Once at the foot of the descent I joined one of Yorkshires many green lanes, sandwiched between dry stone walls it was easy walking back to Langcliffe, the lane then ejected me into the car park I left earlier.

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Above Langcliffe looking to Pen-y-ghent bathed in sunlight under a blanket of snow.

Blua Crags with stunning views over Ribblesdale.

Viewing Rye Loaf Hill with High Hill to the right, seen from under the cliffs of Warrendale Knotts.

Staggering views across the green pastures of the Ribble valley, reaching across the horizon the hills of Bowland.

Seen from an un-named tarn above Blua Crags the Ingleborough massif.

Looking back to High Hill.

Dramatic all dressed up in winter attire, Pen-y-ghent.

Soaking up views over Ribblesdale, dominating the horizon Ingleborough and Simon Fell, with Whernside under heavy snow rising at the head of the valley.

Ascending Warrendale Knotts drinking in views to the Bowland Fells.

Trapped in time, a primeval landscape of shattered rock and deep caverns, Brunt Scar best viewed from the summit of Warrendale Knotts.

Attermire Scar rivers of shattered rock and petrified stone.

The summit Warrendale Knotts.

Views along the riven edge where the high dales plunge to lower pastures.

The edge of Langcliffe Scar where Victoria Cave stands guard over Warrendale.

Ingleborough seen across the vast plane of Ribblesdale.

Dramatic views over Warrendale Knotts, across the skyline Kirkby Fell and Rye Loaf Hill.

Winter conditions across Warrendale.

Rising above Silverdale, Fountains Fell.

Towering above Silverdale, Pen-y-ghent.

Not so high but quite dramatic, Smearsett Scar.

A water filled ravine, the spectacle of Catrigg Force.

Smearsett Scar seen from the head of Stainforth Lane.

Near Upper Winskill looking to the high valley of Warrendale.

Views towards the scars above Giggleswick, seen over ancient field systems in Ribblesdale.

Langcliffe Quarry home to the disused Craven Lime Works.

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