Wakebarrow and Whitbarrow.

Start. Mill Side.

Route. Mill Side - low Fell End - Buckhouse Wood - Ravens Lodge - Rawsons - Rawsons Wood - Wakebarrow - Row - Whitbarrow - Lord's Seat - Buckhouse Wood - Mill Side.

Notes. Another late start today, another hazy day with poor long distance views, I made my way to Mill Side to explore the woodland of Whitbarrow and Wakebarrow, maybe end the day with a long walk over the limestone scars.

From Mill Side my route took me through Low Fell End Farm to access the old turnpike linking Witherslack and Levens, heading east under the impressive cliffs of White Scar I soon passed Whitbarrow Lodge and Raven's Lodge en route to Rawsons where I turned north to head up the hill. Ascending through Rawson's Wood to enter Watson's Wood before passing under the impressive limestone cliffs in the woods of Wakebarrow, I left the cliffs behind as I started my descent passing the quarries in Township Plantation to access the fields above the tiny hamlet of Row, entering Row I turned sharp left up the hill, a short walk over tarmac before entering the fields just after the last farm cottage. Initially climbing west to reach the broad grassy ridge of Township Allotment where I swung south to eventually reach a gate and stile that allowed access to Flodder Allotment and Lord's Seat the summit of Whitbarrow. Continuing south through impressive limestone scenery above Whitbarrow Scar, Black Yews Scar and Chapel Head Scar I soon found myself on the steep descent through Buckhouse Wood to reach the old turnpike I'd left earlier, all that remained was a short stroll through Mill Side back to the car.

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On the old turnpike linking Levens with Witherslack looking south over roof tops of Whitbarrow Lodge.

Views along the impressive cliffs of the White Scar face of Whitbarrow.

Striding out through the woodland of Wakebarrow.

Stumbling from the woods I'm greeted by a gentle landscape, from the pastures above Row one of Lakeland's lesser heights Lord's Lot.

To the east across the flatlands of Lyth Valley, Scout Scar and Cunswick Scar stretch across the skyline.

From Township Allotment views to Cunswick Scar backed by the Whinfell Ridge.

Across Lyth Valley an absolute stunning view to the Middleton Fells and Barbondale High Fell.

Lord's Lot across the upper Lyth Valley.

About to enter Flodder Allotment looking to Cunswick Scar.

The scene over Lyth Valley with Levens village under the cliffs of Scout Scar, across a blue/grey horizon the Howgill Fells.

The impressive summit cairn on Lord's Seat, with equally impressive views.

Views over the Winster Valley.

Merging with a blue/grey horizon the familiar flat summit of Ingleborough seen over the woodland of Wakebarrow.

My route south off the summit.

Taking center stage Yewbarrow, well worth a visit.

The dramatic limestone scars in the Harvey Nature Reserve.

Arnside Knott rising from Morecambe Bay.

Wonderful limestone scenery topped off by the precipitous cliffs of Chapel Head Scar.

Descending to Buckhouse Wood looking to Arnside Knott.

The meandering channel of the River Kent.

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