Torrmor Pier from Fionnphort.

Start. Fionnphort.

Route. Fionnphort - Torr Mor - Torrmor Pier - Pink Granite Quarry - Fionnphort.

Notes. The endless grey ribbon that guided us from our lair in the Lake District ended abruptly at the ferry terminal at Oban, forty minutes later we disembarked at Craignure, the Isle of Mull. Narrow lanes then guided us through staggering island scenery to Bunessan our home for the week.

The most dominant feature of the lower end of Mull is the Red/Pink granite landscape, from Bunessan to Fionnphort, the bones of the island pierce the fragile top soil, creating wonderful rocky outcrops and low cliffs that sparkle in the sunlight. No more so than Torr Mor near Fionnphort, home to an abandoned granite quarry.

We'd abandoned our luggage in the middle of the kitchen floor, parked in the free car park at Fionnphort and were soon standing overlooking the small beach studying the map. No path marked but we recalled reading somewhere a faint path existed, so across the back of the beach we wandered, sure enough a faint path welcomed us. On we walked picking our way through wet ground, around granite outcrops we wandered soon emerging on a stunning secluded sandy beach, to the right the remains of a pier, we explored a while before planning our return route.

From the pier we walked inland, our route followed the line of an old tramway used to transport granite boulders to waiting ships, past old quarry buildings we climbed, through spectacular surroundings. Once at the top of the hill a stoney track descended, we descended with it to access a footpath cutting along the edge of a field, a short walk over boggy ground saw us back in Fionnphort in good time for our evening meal.

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Fingal's Rock dominates the small beach at Fionnphort, legend tells us the giant Fingal in a fit of rage threw the boulder causing it to split down the middle.

Crossing the lower slopes of Torr Mor with views across the Sound of Iona, in shot Fionnphort Pier and the south end of Iona.

Viewing Iona with the dominant hill of Dun I clearly visible.

The sandy beach at Torrmor looking to white washed buildings of Fionnphort.

The Iona Ferry.

The beach at Torrmor one of many hidden gems on the Isle of Mull.

Iona and it's world famous Abbey as seen from the pier at Torrmor.

Sue ascends through a man made landscape, an old tramway under foot.

Dun I seen from the tramway.

From near the summit of Torr Mor a stunning view out to sea, across the horizon Dac Mor or better known as Dutchman's Cap, to the right Lunga.

Fionnphort seen from the descent of Torr Mor.

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